Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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10 Ways to Have a Healthy Sex Life

If your 2009 was anything like mine, you’re probably feeling like you’re stumbling, rather than gliding, into a new year.  While passing through a transition phase, I like to reflect on where I’ve been and set goals for where I’m going. ... Read moreChevron

10 Ways to Prevent Herpes Outbreaks

In the final month of the year, I always find it helpful to not just think about the goals or resolutions I have for the following year, but to write them down.  This way I have them documented in case I forget, and can look back on them next year to check my progress.Read moreChevron

Herpes and Telling Your Family

As we all know, talking about having herpes is often harder than actually living with the virus. One of the most common questions that come up on this site is how to effectively tell one’s partners that he/she has herpes. However, we rarely discuss the issue of telling one’s family,... Read moreChevron

Telling Your Partner, Gender and Acceptance

Maybe I’m picky or maybe I’m hard to be in a relationship with, but for whatever reason lately I seem to change partners about as often as I change my Facebook status.  Due to the moderately high turnover, and my resolution to always inform my partners about having herpes... Read moreChevron

Shaving, Waxing and STDs

I’ve recently discovered a huge obsession with pubic hair in today’s world, or at least in the metropolitan city in which I live.   The last three guys I dated all enjoyed meticulously grooming their bushes, and slyly pressured me to do the... Read moreChevron