New Elements to the Abortion Dilemma - Can They Affect You?

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  • I think most of us are still pretty accustomed to the fact that if you need an abortion - it is for the most part accessible in most states - as long as it is not a "late term(trimester) abortion."  Nowadays, though, the government seems to want to broaden the term abortion to include the morning after pill (taken when you think that unprotected sexual intercourse might result in an unwanted pregnancy), and even birth control options and contraception options.


    And it gets even more complicated, because health institutions like hospitals, certain clinics and pharmacies, who offer these services and who depend on federal funds, are being told that according to a newly proposed Bush administration rule - they "cannot discriminate against hiring workers who are against abortion (in its broadest definition) or firing workers if they find out their position is anti-abortion."  Under this new proposed Bush administration rule, these institutions and employers who get federal funds would have to "guarantee" that they won't refuse to hire and they won't fire the very individuals who object to providing abortions.

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    Now call me crazy - but how can one expect that institutions that provide contraception, birth control counseling, emergency contraception and actual abortions would have to hire workers with an anti-abortion attitude??? Seriously, to control funds by demanding that you hire employees who are against the very specific health options you are hiring them to do, is downright....well, you supply the word.  And what about rape and incest victims?  Do they not deserve the expectation and right to ask for specific help i.e. an abortion or emergency contraception without being faced with a "no" from an anti-abortion employee who will now be allowed to work - if this goes through - at the very place they are seeking help???


    Places that provide these services and that need federal funding cannot possibly comply with these stipulations.  I don't know where this proposal will go next - but I think we need to realize the implications of this possible rule and speak up and petition Congress so that voter voices are heard.


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Published On: July 17, 2008