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  • Script 2 - Take 1: You have herpes - you have no idea who gave it to you but once diagnosed, you feel ashamed - demoralized - frustrated and even a bit fearful.  When you get stressed, you typically get recurrences of the rash and they are painful and you get somewhat depressed when it happens.  You haven't fully committed to an daily anti-viral medication - but you are strongly contemplating it. 


    You are basically a very moral, honest person, so when you get close to a man - you share the herpes "secret."  You keep losing men because of this - though you are convinced many of them have it and are just not symptomatic - they don't know they have it.  You are reaching the point where you begin to think that "honesty basically sucks - it's causing me to lose one man after another."  But your moral and honesty code is strong - so you seize on the hope that the right guy will come along who will love you - for you - and you cling to that hope.

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    I believe the right man will come along and with the regular use of a condom and possibly a commitment to an anti-viral medication regimen - you will have a fullfilling relationship with all the bells and whistles.


    Stay tuned for another "segment."

Published On: August 30, 2008