The Final Herpes Story

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  • Script 3 Take 1:

    Your widowed mom has been dating some men.  She is quite attractive, still very active and married your dad at a very young age.  So her sexual experience was basically "one partner" and she does feel like this time period in her life is a chance to explore - have fun - experience life.  The next time you see her - she is upset - really devastated. She has just seen her gynecologist and has been told she has the typical herpes rash.  She is waiting blood test confirmation but she is absolutely stunned and mortified.


    You say - "Mom -didn't you realize that you needed to be really careful and that your partners needed to use condoms at all times?"

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    Mom - These are nice, respectable men - I'm menopausal so we didn't need to use a condom for pregnancy issues.  How could someone have it and not tell me?


    You say -  Mom - you know this is a different sexual era - there's AIDS and STDS and HPV and Herpes out there.  don't you and your friends talk about this?


    Mom - I know there are diseases - but these men are fine men - how could they have herpes?


    You say - Well one or more does and I guess I'd ask you - if they have been active sexually - how can they not have herpes??  I would totally be suspect.


    Mom - So how could they not tell me?  How could they be that uncaring and deceptive?


    You say - Mom, they may not even know if they've never been tested and never had the symptoms.  You just have to assume - and you have to have safe sex.  You now need to let your partners know that you have herpes and you need to use a condom to protect them and to make sure you don't get any other diseases.

    Mom - Frankly, honey - I think I'm swearing off sex for awhile - this has really upset me.


    You say - Mom - Just remember you can always talk to me.  And I know a great site where you can ask questions and read blogs and learn more about herpes and other health conditions. (It's

Published On: September 02, 2008