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valleynovascotia, Community Member


pain in nerves

I suffer from chronic pain from herpes in nerves ive tries everything.

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ijustwannabeok, Community Member


Does this look like herpes?

I dont know if this is the correct place to post, but I am kind of desperate. These blisters appeared in the back of my throat two or three weeks after performing oral sex on a boy. Anyone with throat herpes? Does it look like this? anonone who can help?Read moreChevron

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Concernedteen, Community Member


Herpes...? Help

I have recently noticed sores poping up all over my vagina, and I cant help but freak out. I don't know whats going on and I can hardly breath when I think that it could be herpes. It hurts to walk thats how sever this outbreak is. I have never had anything like this happen, and honestly if I do have herpes i can't live. Im only 18 I have so... Read moreChevron

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hopefulme, Community Member


Need advice and or direction to go...please

I was diagnosed with gential herpes in 2004. Of course shocked and depressed. I got through this life event some how and fast forward to 2016. I remember having frequent outbreaks in 2014. Stress and lifes events. In 2015, my husband left for deployment. I thought for sure the ob would rear its head being I felt very stressed. But they didnt.... Read moreChevron

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sally, Community Member



i am 34 yrs old single woman. and sexually active. i have been with vulvular pain and tingling for about 9 month. 

the begining was from the day i was surfing in intrnet about STD s.

since i was sexually active, i started to search for symptomes in my genital area. it hurts me tribbly. i washed my vulva with so many different... Read moreChevron

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