Thursday, August 25, 2016

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sally, Community Member



i am 34 yrs old single woman. and sexually active. i have been with vulvular pain and tingling for about 9 month. 

the begining was from the day i was surfing in intrnet about STD s.

since i was sexually active, i started to search for symptomes in my genital area. it hurts me tribbly. i washed my vulva with so many different... Read moreChevron

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wicked89, Community Member


HSV2 and Birth Control

I was diagnosed with HSV2 about a year ago. I had 4 outbreaks in 6 months, so the Doctor put me on antibiotics permanently. I was also told that taking these would probably prevent Birth Control pills from being effective. I also apparently can not get the depo shot (I wouldn't want to anyway though, last time I tried it, it was HORRIBLE). So,... Read moreChevron

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22shilo, Community Member


Is there a chance my lover will forgive me?

I was in a two year realtionship.  It ended on a strange note where the guy just said it was over.  I went on with life and 8 months later met a new man.  Within a month we were intimate and after that i developed a sore down below and fever blisters on my lip. I had it checked with bloddword work and diagnosed with herpes 2 and I always... Read moreChevron

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Complicated life

Complicated life, Community Member


Genital Herpes

I got a positive reading back this week that I have herpes. I've been married for two years and have been with my husband for a total of nearly 6yrs. HE'S HEGATIVE. I promise on my soul and life I've never cheated or been unfaithful to him. This is so devastating I don't know what to do bc he doesn't believe me, and honestly if the shoe were on... Read moreChevron


lifestill, Community Member


you know this community?

you know this community? named MPWH, it is said that only for herpes only, have no idea, I now wanna looking for someone to connect, I think i just want to talk someone who also like me, that may help.

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