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American Waistlines: A Growing Problem

You’ve seen the news stories that have certain airlines demanding flyers buy two seats if they appear too large to fit in a traditional airplane seat (and haven’t already purchased two seats).  You may have also been tracking stories like New York Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to control soda size.  And despite prior... Read moreChevron
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Eileen Bailey

Eileen Bailey, Health Guide

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Autism in School: Questions to Ask Your Child's Teacher

The school year is underway. If you have a child with autism, you might be wondering how he is doing in school. You want to keep up to make sure you address any problems right away. Children with autism have trouble with communication so you might not be getting the information you need from your child. The best thing to do is set up an... Read moreChevron
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Jerry Kennard

The Relationship Between Self-Focus and Anxiety

Every so often we all give a little time over to the way we feel. Sometimes it’s an awareness of the way we are thinking and perhaps a flash of insight into our emotional state. Then there are the physical things like our heartbeat or breathing, various aches and pains and so on. It’s a perfectly normal process but if self-attention... Read moreChevron
Penelope James

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10 Ways to Have a Healthy Sex Life

If your 2009 was anything like mine, you’re probably feeling like you’re stumbling, rather than gliding, into a new year.  While passing through a transition phase, I like to reflect on where I’ve been and set goals for where I’m going.  Maintaining good health will always be a goal of mine.  Though... Read moreChevron
Charlotte Grayson, M.D.

Charlotte Grayson, M.D., Health Pro


Five questions to ask your doctor about suppressive therapy

I see a lot of patients who take suppressive therapy with no clear understanding of why they are taking it, what the goals are of suppressive therapy and most concerning ... taking the WRONG dose!   I also see patients who suffer through multiple terrible outbreaks of herpes who have NEVER HEARD of suppressive therapy!   Here's a... Read moreChevron