• lele lele
    September 02, 2009
    how do i know if i have herpes
    lele lele
    September 02, 2009

    Can you get Herpes and not know you have it and pass it on to your partner even if you have no signs or symptoms?




  • Nicky September 04, 2009
    September 04, 2009

    You are putting your partner at risk!!! If you think you may have it or need piece of mind..........Please make an appt with your doctor. Don't be ashamed, do the right thing and find out!!!

  • astatine September 06, 2009
    September 06, 2009
    Get tested, blood. If you have little blisters, or open red sores, then there is a good chance you have it, and you will notice, they HURT. YEs, you can pass it even if you have no signs. Go to the doctor THE DAY YOU SEE A BLISTER BEFORE it pops. The virus dies fast after the sore is open, but you can still pass it! The doctor should pop it and test the stuff inside it. READ MORE
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