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Thursday, February 19, 2009 lskyln, Community Member, asks

Q: Can you only have one sore in herpes a herpes breakout?

I have one sore on my inner right labia that i get off and on.  That labia is a little irregular, as it bigger, and loser that the other side, and i've always figured that this sore develops when theres been to much moisture, stress, and movement, as it kinda rubs, but now i'm worried.  It hurts, stings and burns, but i've never had another sore anywhere but that one spot, off and on.  Can herpes do this?  Thanks Lisa

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t, Community Member
2/20/09 12:10am

All i can say is get tested if u r not sure. Its possible it could be stress. See i was just diagnosed with herpes type 2 about a month ago. I have had just a bump a few seperate times & im not sure if they are outbreaks or not. So ya i advise u to get tested. As far as im aware its normal to have a temperature during an outbreak.

confused, Community Member
4/ 8/09 6:38pm

did this turn out to be ok? or was something causing it? I have a similar problem only one sore but i havenever had it before.  thanks

Katie, Community Member
1/ 2/11 4:56pm

Yes it certainly sounds like genital herpes. I had exactly the same thing, just one single but painful ulcer (the sort of thing you would get in your mouth). I always assumed that genital herpes would mean you get loads of blisters because that's what the websites show, that's why i left it so long to get tested. i eventually went and got tested and was diagnosed with genital herpes :-( 


Luckily though since the first one i've only ever had one more outbreak approximately 9 months later. Hope that helps x

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