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Wednesday, July 01, 2009 sian18, Community Member, asks

Q: if you dont have an outbreak then how easy is it to pass the virus on to someone?

i have slept with a few people whithout using protection. but i havent had an outbreak since i got diagnosed with it last year. does this mean i have spread it or will they be ok?

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sue, Community Member
7/ 3/09 1:06pm

From my understanding, you only pass it on, when you have an outbreak. Please for your sake and the pople you have sex with, use an expensive comdon, and make sure you put  it on. Its unfair to be given it by someone who does not care about anothers life. How did you feel when you found out. The other night,I found a site which people with hsv2 have set up a party lline type thing. I think its the best thing I have seen so far. Then you do not have to worry anymore.

sian18, Community Member
7/ 5/09 7:58am

i cried for ages when i found out i had it and it has knocked my confidence so bad. what is the site about? could u give me a link please. thanks for answering my question. x

sue, Community Member
7/ 7/09 3:20pm

I fully understand, I will have to look for that site again, it was by accident that I found it and did not bookmark it. I will try and have it to you before the weekend.


It took me three  trips from sydney to melbourne, to tell the long time guy face to face, its one thing over the sms,but to face him and tell of the drugging, your confidence does not exsist. Please relax, stressing about it will bring on out breaks, the doctors will tell you many things, but from experience, major stress will do it.


The next part, was knowing if I meet anyone new, I would have to tell them and re-live it all over again, a record of a time I want to forget,has to be repeat. It is the most shameful thing. But I have spoken to the oposite sex annd they are happy to usea condon, they were more then greatful about me having the guts to tell them up front.


To make you laugh, to my male friends, I am a mate with tits, just not f-able, so  this makes them more comfortable.You have to find a way to find that comfortzone again, the truth and a laugh.I have had it since september 2006, so I have had plenty of time.

sue, Community Member
7/ 9/09 11:59am

Hi,the site is



It says its free to join,andd theyhave help as well.


I think this is the best, you are in the company of others who know and hopefully care about what stage you are at, and  finding someone, that sex can become back to normal is the most important part of healing.


Have fun

Helpfull, Community Member
7/ 5/09 8:36pm

It is very possible you gave it to them. The previous post is incorrect. It IS possible to spread WITHOUT any visible symptoms. Less likely, true, but still possible.


You MUST use a condom EVERY time, no excuses!


If you are a man and just don't like using condoms try using different brands. I've found using Trojan UltraThin lubricated is pretty darn close to wearing nothing at all.


Besides, you have no idea what the other people could have, just as they had no idea you have herpes. Best to be protected both ways just in case. The small increase in pleasure from not using a condom is not worth the risk of contracting HIV.

sian18, Community Member
7/ 6/09 5:45pm

ohh man!!! do u have the virus? im such a screw up! thanks for answering my question.

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