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Thursday, January 22, 2009 mus, Community Member, asks

Q: My herpes outside my rectum has caused irregularity in my lower colon.

For three years ago I got herpes outside my rectum. I went with it untreated for 4 weeks. I had severe pain not only near the rectum but also started to feel a pain in my lower back, and down my left leg. I know the virus can cause some nerve pain, this pain is gone away by time. But I still experience irregularity in my digestive system. I have pain in my lower rectum, My stool is not formed or bulky. It is narrow and greasy with a lot of mucus around it and I also feel I have hard time getting ride of my stool. I started to feel this difference along with my herpes infection. 

For three years I have been on medicine acyclovir 800mg, The medicine keeps the herpes outbreak away, but I still struggle with problems with my lower colon. 

I have seen various doctors gastro etc, Have had several endoscopy exams, stool samles and the doctors havnt found anything serious, Just some redness, sore and a little bit of proctaetis in the lower part of the colon. 

I have constant pain, and feel that nobody believes me that my symptoms are related to my herpes. I believe the virus can maybe block some of the nerves down there and somehow interfere with my my lower digestive system and cause all my symptoms. 

Is there anybody that can relate to this or Iam I the only one. Any suggestions for how I can make my symptoms go away.


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Sam, Community Member
1/23/09 10:05pm

I don't know if this will help you, but all I can say is that I was left with nerve damaged/pain after my one and only blister in the inner folds of my genitalia.  I have post herpetic neuralgia, which is nerve pain and so far I have been taking a pill called Lyrica for pain management.  Its an anticonvulsant that helps out with the nerve pain.  I also take an antianxiety/antidepressive and anticompusive med called Lexapro.  It should help with the pain receptors in the brain.  Remember that when its untreated it can spread to other nerves near by and cause damage. I have 2 gyn doctors and have asked them if Lyrica is the best medication out for this post herpetic neuralgia, and they told me it was.  He said it was a neurological condition and needed to be treated.  Remember that the virus houses itself in the lower back at the base of your central nervious system in a bundle of nerves there.  Anyways, let me know if this gives you some ideas. 

asl, Community Member
2/17/09 9:41pm

hi, i also had an outbreak of herpes on my lower rectum, just inside the anus. At the same time, i experienced irregular bowel movements and a sharp pain in my left side that comes & goes that I believe is coming from my colon. I am wondering if it is possible that I also have an outbreak higher in my descending colon. The pain and irregular bowel movements have been going on for about 4 days. I haven't been to the doctor yet, but wonder if the symptoms are related to the herpes outbreak.

herpedanus, Community Member
2/25/12 5:18pm

hey guys i am a gay male 24 years old have never had a cold sore, the only sexual acticity ive had was a rim job a few weeks ago, the person had no cold sore present on their lips or tounge, am experiencing alot of pain was put on valtrex 1000 mg twice daily been on it for three days now not much of a difference glands in lymphnodes been swolllen for about two weeks hiv negtive, as of two days ago no fever, pain in left side of back does anyone know of anything to numb the pain this is my first outbreak have two sores anyone know how long this will last i am in soooo much pain the only thing that seems to help os pure unfiltered organic honey in my rectum

TC, Community Member
12/ 2/09 9:23am

I was just last week tested for genital herpes, and although the doctor believed it to be very mild, he put me on Aciclovir 400mg, 3xday for 5 days, which I took religiously!

However, the pain has spread from my pubic bone where it had originated to my rectum, and the pain is pretty intense. Sitting, standing back up, crouching down, all these movements are causing me discomfort. My results won't be back for another week, as to whether I have HSV1 or HSV 2


I am concerned that it is going to travel upwards internally, and have put myself back on the Aciclovir while the pain remains.


The lowest part of my back near my tailbone is uncomfortable, very much like mild period cramp.


Has anyone else experienced any of this. I am so worried.

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