• lady lady
    July 05, 2009
    I need tips on preventing outbreaks after intercourse. I get them about half the time I have sex!
    lady lady
    July 05, 2009

    I've read that friction can trigger a recurrence, but this is ridiculous! I'm getting recurrences every other time I make love with my fiance.  It's very, very discouraging.  It's better when I am taking acyclovir daily, but even then I'm itchy and sore for a day or 2.  I use a lubricant to reduce friction, but I must be extra sensitive.  My first outbreak was in October and was severe.  I have had several outbreaks since then which last about a week.  Does anybody else go through this?  Has anything been helpful?



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  • limapapa December 22, 2010
    December 22, 2010
    Hi and have to say thought it was only me this happened to. I'm female and was diagnosed with Herpes simplex 2 in September 2010. I was prescribed Acyclovir which stopped the virus in it's tracks. I took 2 salt baths daily until all signs had disappeared, which took 2 weeks in total. I eventually plucked up courage to make love again with my partner and all was well, but then 2 days later the dreaded blisters appeared. Same procedure as before and then back to normal. It makes appearance every time we make love which is approx 3 times a month as my partner is airline pilot, so away quite a lot. It's even got to the stage where I'm accusing him of playing away as I'm so frustrated with it all. Will this ever get any better. We use durex during vaginal and anal sex, but still the problem occurs.   READ MORE
  • Helpfull July 06, 2009
    July 06, 2009

    I can only answer this from a Male's point of view, so take htis with a grain of salt.


    1 - it's possible you have a latex reaction/allergy that is compounding the effects. I've found that I used to get after sex breakouts until I started using Trojan Ultrathin lubricated condoms. Haven't had one after sex with these in multiple years. Maybe having your partner experiment with different condom brands and types would help you find a solution.


    2 - I also clean myself off really well immedeatly afterward. I know cuddling is what most want right after sex, but taking 2 minutes to wipe everything down with wet washcloth or better yet 5 minutes to take a quick shower has been another good practice for me.


    3 - I also put baby powder on right after sex (and every morning) to keep everything down there clean and fresh and most importantly dry. Maybe not a good idea for a girl, but maybe there's something similar that could be used to help.

    • lady
      July 06, 2009
      July 06, 2009

      The latex does sound like a likely culprit. I've had latex sensitivities with the gloves at work and hadn't made the connection! Thanks for taking the time to resond.

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