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Thursday, February 05, 2009 alwayzsmile, Community Member, asks

Q: how long do these painful herpes blisters last on my vagina?

I have had a terrible sore throat and fever and now have very very painful blisters on my vagina. Is there anything that will help?

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jipsy, Community Member
2/ 7/09 2:58pm

i had back pain week a go, then a sore throat started, tired and weak as if i was getting flu- the night b4 my out break i felt the rapid crawl/tingle feeling.  then 3 days ago the blisters were out.  my blisters generally last 4 days but the itch, soreness stays around 2 weeks.  Acyclovir tablets apparently help i started mine as soon as i got the blisters, apparently apple cider vinegar helps the blisters to if u dab it on them. and lidnocaine cream to ease the sting/pain.  this has devestated me i caught it 6 month ago and im having a ob every month. im worried i cant have a relationship again but il have to wait and c if it settles down

Display Name, Community Member
6/24/09 10:41pm

Oh I felt the same way (devastated) when I was diagnosed almost two years ago. As time goes by I feel better-I just wish I didn't break out as often since some people never/rarely do! And I've told one guy and he was cool with it-things didn't work with him but I'm more confident that the next guy I tell will take it well too. So stay strong and know that you are not alone Smile

jipsy, Community Member
6/25/09 6:05pm

i have an ob everymonth, sometimes  extremly painful along with a UTI, other months sore but not so sore that it stops me in my tracks so i cant concentrate on anything for more than ten now on valtrex 250mg twice daily which is not making a lot of difference to the number of obs, however does ease the pain, i find hbalm helps with the pain very much but again does not stop the monthly occurance, dynmaclear which i bought on the net done nothing at all for my symptoms i also get extreme tiredness which frustrates is now 12 month since i caught it, will these re occurances every hoping for 4 a year??  Ive met a guy who accepts it and were falling in love its makes me sick to the stomache that i have to plan my sex life around this..... afterall i did nothing wrong apart from sleep with my ex boyfriend without a condom ( he didnt tell me) many years will this take to ease

Alexis, Community Member
2/12/09 10:45am

Mine lasted for a little over a month. I think it is harder for women because of the underwear rubbing on it all the time. If you get breakouts often I would recommend medication. I was perscribed Valtrex because I kept getting breakouts. It has helped so much. I haven't had one in three months. It is annoying because you have to take it everyday but it is better then dealing with sores that hurt so bad on your vagina.

jipsy, Community Member
6/25/09 6:20pm

anti virals have helped reduce the pain but not the number of outbreaks i have tried 500 daily and 1000mg daily of valtrex neither doses reduced the number of obs, hbalm oil takes out the sting i use it regular, alcohol gel stops the itch, cold ice packs reduces the inflamation and ease the pain when its severe, washing the area with emolient cream with water eg cream named diprobase rather than soap helps moisture the area.  


unsure if lysine supplements 1000mg  daily, and immune booster vitamin supplements help but i take them anyway and avoid aspartame artificial sweeteners/ and avoid eating nuts.... drink enough water daily. 

jj, Community Member
1/25/11 4:20am

k well if the blisters on your lip use a tea bag on it it help to pull the wet ness of it and make sure the tea bag is half wet befor you put it on your lip


8/12/14 3:04pm

Hi alwayzsmile,


I know you posted this a long time ago, but I was wondering if you had found a treatment that works for you. 


I see that you received excellent advice from many of our community members.  I am not a medical doctor, but there are certain antiviral medications you can take to lessen the time and frequency of your outbreaks.  Some people swear by various supplements (see links below.) No one can diagnose you or offer a treatment plan without seeing you in person, so make sure to talk to your doctor if you have continued discomfort.


We do have some articles that might interest you:


Herpes:  Knowing the Risks

Genital Herpes: The Basics

Genital Herpes Symptoms and Tests

Home Remedies

Foods and Steps to avoid Herpes Holistically without valtrex or even lysine


I hope all is well!


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