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Q: does genital herpes whether it be strain 1 or 2 cause crater like sore

I keep getting mixed answers when I try to google the question. It seems some people say YES herpes of the genitals can appear as a crater and then I see a lot that says herpes is on the surface on an inflamed base. I am just curious what a sore whether it be caused by strain 1 or 2 on the genitals would look like. I have had a bump appear in the exact same spot 2 times (7 months prior to this new one). I didnt even see the bump, I had shaved about 2 days prior and had a little stubble coming back in... I went to the restroom. I wiped and as I wiped I felt the bump almost on my pubic bone area, in the peak on the inner labia where the vaginal lips part (think an upside down V where the point is), it felt about pea sized at first and it was really hard to see at first, so it made me think it was beneath the skin. after playing inspector gadget and pulling on the skin the area did get redder and the bump was slightly larger. I was dumb and googled ingrown hairs and saw a lot of people attempt to pop the bump, so i was dumb (which i greatly emphasize) and squeezed it after a shower. When I did that a clearish to yellow oily liquid came out, very small amount, no blood, bo pus. After that it seemed to cause a break in the bump in multiple spots, it then did turn into what resembled either herpes or possible folliculitis. I looked both pics up and they look very similar. After that it did appear to have a whitish cover, similar to  vesicles, those went away and I wouldnt say they erupted, there was no ooze and yes it looked wet but like any open wound it will have a wet look to it. (when i was younger i fell and ripped part of the skin off my palm, it too had a wet look to it) When I look up herpes photos the outbreaks appear to be above skin level , this bump did not, it appeared to be more like a hole in the skin and now as it heals, the raw area seems to be coming up to skin level. This is maybe 1-2mm. There has been no crusting or real oozing. The only real discomfort I have is when I initially sit down like the skin is being pulled in the wrong way or a ripping feeling is the best way to describe it. No burning, not even during urination  . This is all very disturbing to me because I did have a culture done on the previous bump, they actually popped or broke the cover and got a large sample of fluid, the result was negative. The nurse said it did not look like a typical outbreak and that the sample was adequate.  I was so happy and now I am scared all over again. When the first bump appeared i had not been sexually active for over 3 months and it too was after I had shaved and had a little regrowth coming in( this area never really feels smooth as I would like after shaving so it is fair to say I usually give it a coupld extra brushes with the razor than other areas), it was the same spot and only one bump. I really doubt it was from my former long term boyfriend that I had split from prior to the first bump, the only other intercourse I had if you can call it that was about 1 year before the first bump and I was not a willing participant. I had someone rape me while I was passed out at a party (I have since quit drinking) Any thoughts on this?

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Hobri, Community Member
5/27/09 5:20pm

I agree. It would probably be best to get a doctor to look at it. When I had my first outbreak, it looked nothing like the pictures online. I had three bumps that firsted looked like an ingrown hair on the lips of my vagina. After a few days (I guess once they "popped" or came open), they look like small bumps with white craters inside them (sort of like a mouth sore). I also had a few canker sore looking bumps more by the labia inside the lips of the vagina. So, I agree when people say you can't tell from pictures online. I had like 3 or 4 scattered around. It wasn't a cluster of bumps like the pictures found on websites. The only reason I knew it was herpes was because I went to the doctor, and also because it was a lot more painful than an ingrown hair.

miss lou, Community Member
5/19/09 12:36am

I think that it would be worthwhile to visit a Gynecologist again and establish a good relationship with this Doc. That way, in the future if you have questions, they will be familiar with your history and capable of helping you.

I have had Herpes for many years now, and just had a bad outbreak. So, I definitely can relate to all of your questions. It's difficult to know sometimes.


The best of luck to you.Laughing

anonymous, Community Member
5/28/09 12:06am

thought I would try to update you all. I unfortunately have not been able to go get re checked, I simply cannot afford to go to an actual gyno being unemployed, uninsured, a single mom whose unemployment runs out at the end of July. But everyone please rest assured I am not being sexually active and will not be until I am able to get checked. I plan on getting a blood test done when I go to my next annual that is covered by funding at PPH since the office visit is covered during that exam, I will only have to pay out i think they said $25 for the blood test. My update is, the sore I had appear seemed to leave some scarring or permanent mark, and it took about 10-12 days to clear up and now 5/6 days later there apppears to be a discoloring of the skin. I have heard herpes does not typically scar the skin. I do plan on having an in depth talk with whomever I see at planned parenthood and letting them know I feel like I am not being listened too and they are over looking something. I am not noticing lumps that are UNDER the skin on my clitoris and when I shine I light and look at them with a handheld mirror the skin appears to be discolored white where the lump under the skin is. I hear this too can be a number of things and I have a feeling everything is all related.

anonymous, Community Member
5/28/09 12:08am

woops!! that was supposed to say that I am NOW noticing lumps that are under the skin and not supposed to say I am not noticing...

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