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Friday, June 25, 2010 Chica1977, Community Member, asks

Q: Herpes outbreak lasting more than a month.

I've had genital herpes for approx. 12 years.  I was diagnosed with type 1 and after several years would go for 6mo to a year with no outbreaks. Usually took like 3 days to heal.  Then I got married to herpes positive person and i think what he had was type 2 because suddenly I started getting agressive outbreaks in different spots. 

That was 5 yrs ago.  My body seems to have never adjusted to the new strain.  For the past several years I have gotten an outbreak every month, usually right around my cycle.  Takes about 7-10 days to heal.  It's been very frustrating.  I've been off and on anti-virals and I really don't think they help much.

About 1 month and 1 week ago I had a severe outbreak start.  It was much more widespread than the others had been and was very bad.  After 5 days I went to a clinic and they said I had an outbreak and external yeast infection at the same time.  I was prescribed external cream for the yeast and Acyclovir 400mg 5x/day.  I went back a week later a and things had improved but not cleared up completely.  Now, 3 weeks after that I am still having new herpes spots break out.  Just when I think I'm good to go I'll feel the prodromal tingling and a new one starts.  This cycle is ridiculous and I'm starting to get really worried because this is the longest it's ever gone on.  I also started taking red marine algea.  I'm almost wondering if this super dose of Acyclovir is actually causing it to last longer because in the past it's almost seemed like it didn't help or actually made things worse.  But I thought that was all in my head. 

What should I do?  Is there possibly some other issue or solution?  I felt more tingling today and it seems like it's not ever going to end.

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Disclosing Herpes, Community Member
7/ 2/10 1:18am

About a year ago I started to have monthly outbreaks-- one lasted for three weeks. In the past, I would have three or four a year that were minor (on Valtrex). I was informed by my gynecologist that I also have an autoimmune disease called lichens sclerosis. So you may have something weakening your immune system and therefore, causing more frequent outbreaks.

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