• Biks Biks
    February 11, 2009
    Herpes Simplex or Impetigo
    Biks Biks
    February 11, 2009

    I'm very confused, thursday (Feb. 5th) I went to the dentist. He pulled two wisdom tooths and filled up a lot of holes using a UV-lamp. After I was done I noticed at home that my skin had something that looked like a rash in de corner of my mouth. The dentist also made a little cut in de corner of my mouth when he was busy, so there was a small wound. I took care of the rash by putting ointment on it. It looked like it was getting less. But then when I went to bed on saturday I had a hard time of falling a sleep because my jaw was hurting really bad, and I figured I'll just let my jaw relax by loosely opening my mouth so it won't hurt that much. That worked but because of that I also started to drool in my sleep and in that particular corner of my mouth. The next morning I had small bumps with liquid and it became worse (it did not hurt) I did itch a bit but not much. So on monday I went to the docter and he said it is impetigo but I also let a dermatologist look at it by sending him a picture and he said it is herpes. I must admit it does look more like herpes than impetigo but according to my story it could also be a bacterial infection. I have no idea. Now I'm treating it as if it would be impetigo, it is not getting worse, not sure if it's getting less. Too short to say.






    Looks more like herpes to me but I never had a herpes outbreak before in my life so I wouldn't know. Maybe the dentist infected me or maybe I carried it with me all along but didn't know. The inside of my mouth is thick to, irritated, but I got that when I left the dentist and it still is a little thick.

    I know it is not genital but I hope somebody will answer my question. It seems that there is usefull feedback going on around here. (excuse my English, it's not my first language)


    Thank you,






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  • Rita November 22, 2009
    November 22, 2009

    Im a nurse and it looks like impetigo to me! Herpes doesnt have yellow colored discharge. Herpes is a blister that explodes and turns into an ulcer on your skin. There is a yellow colored tinge to the crust shown in your picture that leads me to believe its impetigo! I am not a doctor so i could be wrong! I just hope that I can lead you in the right direction to finding the resolution to this. I myself am experiencing an impetigo outbreak in my nostrils. I has a blood test for herpes 1&2 and it was negative! GOOD LUCK!!!










  • Ahmad June 05, 2011
    June 05, 2011

    It's Impetigo a staph. infection treated by mupirocin ointment and a systemic antibiotic dicloxacillin or any suitable one. wish you speedy recovery

  • Nichole F February 14, 2011
    Nichole F
    February 14, 2011

    Did you ever find out what the correct diagnosis was?  My son had something very simmilar happen....started antibiotic Wed night, Thurs morning went to Dentist where he was diagnosed with infection in tooth, ran 103 fever Thursday & Friday, Saturday morning (after MUCH drooling) he woke up with exactly what you had in his "drool spot"!  The Dr didn't give me a direct diagnosis...either herpes or impetigo but they perscribed him an oral antiviral med.  How long till yours went away and what did take?

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