• Robin Robin
    June 05, 2008
    What does Herpes look like on the vagina?
    Robin Robin
    June 05, 2008

    I would like to know what genital herpes looks like on the female area.



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  • tazchrisrue June 12, 2008
    June 12, 2008

    i want to see a picture of what genital herpes look like and warts

  • OG Ron October 07, 2008
    OG Ron
    October 07, 2008

    On the female depending on the type. I have HSV-1 Genital. So, open sores, also called lesions. Itching and burning constantly and most of all just an overall discomfort. For me it was accepting the fact that there is no cure but know one thing, after the first outbreak it gets better. Hope that helps.

  • Cindy Cunningham August 12, 2014
    Cindy Cunningham
    August 12, 2014


    Hi Robin,


    I know you asked this question a long time ago, but I was wondering if you have a diagnosis and treatment option that you would like to share.  Genital herpes generally begins with small, painful blisters that are filled with clear or slightly pink fluid.  Only a doctor can make the final determination and diagnosis however.


    We do have a great deal of information on the Herpes virus if you are still interested:


    Genital Herpes Symptoms and Tests

    Genital Herpes: The Basics

    10 Myths About Genital Herpes


    Hope you are well!

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