• renay renay
    October 19, 2008
    i may have genital warts, i have two small hard bumps within the vaginal lips of the skin, help?
    renay renay
    October 19, 2008

    I think i may have genital warts, i have 2 hard small bumps below within the vaginal lips of the skin. They don't move, their painless, and 1 has been there for a few months and another appeared just a month ago. I also wonder if you do have genital warts,would other hard bumps appear in other parts of the body such as the eyelids,within the skin of corner of eyes, or other various places; because i have that as well. I'm scared but no need to wait much longer but need the word of mouth first. Could this be a sign of genital herpes?  some symptoms may match. HELP!



  • healthgal
    Health Pro
    October 21, 2008
    Health Pro
    October 19, 2008

    Hard bumps are not typically what you would find with herpes - nor are bumps that stick around for awhile.  I would recommend that you see a physician to put your fears totally at bay and to make sure you have a diagnosis for these "bumps.'


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