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Thursday, June 11, 2009 trynamakit, Community Member, asks

Q: tingling

does anyone have constant tingling of there genitals

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t, Community Member
6/13/09 6:07pm

Usually that happens before u have an outbreak

mickster, Community Member
6/19/09 10:42pm

Well, I thought I was the only one!!!  Its been 3 months since my first break out,,,and yes, I have those sensations every day. And yes, Im sick of it too.  Considering those are supposed to be the 'pre'signs...sure does make it hard to tell when an outbreak is coming.  Youre not alone. 

trynamakit, Community Member
6/20/09 4:08pm

thanks good to know im not alone either recently the tingling has slowed down i take 2 valtrex  i hope my body has kinda adjusted to this dramatic change and i can have more days of feeling normal. my doctors say thats before an outbreak but thats not true i know when i have an outbreak n the tingling is on the skin its not a particular area like an outbrreak its like my whole gential area is having a nerve party

neenas930, Community Member
7/19/10 9:49am

i dont know if i have the herpes virsue yet but i have been feeling some tingling in my vaginal area and towards my buttocks for about 2 days now. it just feels weird. i go back to the Drs next week to really find out if i have the virus. i hope its not!! im really nerves and scares. Does Herpes change your life after you find out you have it?? how did u tell your partner about it???? how do the meds work??? do u always have to use protection with your partner from now on even though you are ina committed Monogamus relationship??

ChiGuy`, Community Member
7/ 2/09 3:21pm

I had my last outbreak in April 2009, soon after that I started having tingling down my right leg from my crotch to my feet, then it started in my rihgt arm from my shoulder to my hand and now the right side of my head.  The doctors are not sure what it is. Had anyone else experienced this?

can'tgiveup, Community Member
10/ 5/09 2:57am

Hi, sorry for the late post, I just signed up. 3 months ago I had my first OB, and almost everyday I have an annoying tingling on my groin, butt, balls, and part of back of my legs. sometimes I feel tingling on my face and head including sharp needle pains on my face and even eyelids. I take over the counter meds but I dont know if they help, better to take them than not.

the best thing to do is to maintain good health and a positive attitude. good luck

typicalgirl, Community Member
11/ 3/09 5:29pm

You may have Herpes Simplex 1.  I have the oral hsv-1 (the one that causes cold sores), but i always get a closed (not exposed or open, but more like a closed blister) ulcer on the same part of my gumline.  It's not particularly painful, but right before the outbreak I get tingling on my face, it's slower to move than the rest of my face, and there is a little pain behind my head.  I also have a headache on the same side only.  I've learned this is Bell's Palsy, which is caused by an hsv-1 outbreak.  Google it.  It may be what you're feeling...

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