• curious curious
    October 20, 2008
    How does it get in random places?
    curious curious
    October 20, 2008

    I have recently gone to the doctor to check what a small group of little blisters may be. It is located about 2 inches above my anus. My doctor is now testing me for herpes. I am confused on how i got it of course, but also how does it (if it is herpes) get in such a random spot like where it is? Is my partner safe if he doesn't have it if we kiss or how can it be passed to him? Lastly, if he does have it or I did pass it to him, will it be on his penis or can it show up somewhere else as well?

    Thank you.



  • Penelope James
    Health Guide
    October 23, 2008
    Penelope James
    Health Guide
    October 20, 2008

    Hi curious,


    I'm not a doctor, so I can't make medical assessments, but I do have herpes and can relate to you.  


    I was in the same situation when I first found out I had herpes.  Several times I had little tiny bumps on my upper butt area that itched like hell and eventually would scab over.  I thought it was an allergic reaction or some kind of skin rash.  I went to the doctor and she took one look and told me it was herpes.  The blood test confirmed.   


    I still get outbreaks in that area and it seems weird because it's not the textbook idea of a herpes outbreak.  It's on the fatty, fleshy part of my butt, several inches from my anus, creeping towards my lower back.  I'm assuming it's more in this area that you're having the blisters, instead of directly on your genitals.


    You can get outbreaks here because the herpes virus actually lives in your spinal fluid and comes to the surface of your skin through the base of the spinal cord.  That means that anywhere in the genital/buttocks area you can have an outbreak, regardless of what type of sex you're having.  


    I wish I could give you a better explanation, but the truth is genital herpes can manifest itself in many different ways, the aforementioned being one of them.  So I find it's important to keep an open mind about how herpes outbreaks appear and act, instead of thinking there are the same symptoms for everyone all the time.  It's too complicated to generalize.


    For more information you may want to check out our Symptoms page as well as the Just Diagnosed and Treatment pages.



    • stressingmeout
      June 28, 2014
      June 28, 2014
      I have a question regarding the location of the outbreak. Does it always have to stay in in spot or can it pop up in other places like for example your pubic area. I had something happened to me this week and a month ago and it was one single lesion at a time. At first it appears on top of the vagina near the pubic area, now it is on the pubic area and near the hairs. READ MORE
  • healthgal
    Health Pro
    October 21, 2008
    Health Pro
    October 20, 2008

    If you are two men having sex then i am assuming anal sex took place.  Even if it did not or you are a heterosexual couple that did not have anal sex, the lesions can show up in "muccous membrane areas" like the anus, vagina and penis as well as the mouth.


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