• lumpy lumpy
    August 01, 2008
    I have a lump on the genital area that feels like a knot then it will pop and blood comes out?
    lumpy lumpy
    August 01, 2008

    The lump is a hard knot and then it will eventually pop and blood and pus comes out of it.  I usually get them about every 3 months.  Only one at a time.  Can anyone help to tell me what they are?



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  • Gluten Free August 13, 2008
    Gluten Free
    August 13, 2008

    I had these off and on for years. Not herpes or other STD. Had a doctor lance one and he said no biggie and said many people get these and they don't know why.

    These increased in frequency after I had a traumatic event and after several years my naturalpathic and I tried a gluten free diet. I noticed a difference in a month. Lots of health issues I had had over my life and had increase after the traumatic event, had now disappeared. Issues like high blood sugar and cholesterol levels, migraine headaches, inflammation (puffiness), and fast onset of diarrhea, depression, and hormonal issues.

    Anyway another positive effect of going off wheat, barley, rye and oats was that I no longer have the blood filled cysts or what-have-you. I've never seen this mentioned in all the Gluten-free websites and the subject of Celiac disease. However I feel it is definitively related!

    Read up on Celiac disease. There is a blood test for it also.

    As with any change in diet - consult your doctor first.

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