• somegirl somegirl
    July 06, 2008
    What could cause small bumps like pimples on the outside of my vagina?
    somegirl somegirl
    July 06, 2008

    I have started having small bumps that look like pimples on the outside of my vagina. They don't hurt or anything, but they scare me because I don't want to have caught anything from a recent sexual encounter I had. I also shave, so could the bumps just be ingrown hairs? 



  • healthgal
    Health Pro
    July 08, 2008
    Health Pro
    July 08, 2008

    A herpes breakout comes and goes and typically painful vesicles usually form that tend to open up and "weep fluid," so it's unlikely that's what you have.  That being said, you do need to realize that if you have unprotected skin to skin contact with a man who harbors herpes that this is an easy way for him transmit the disease to you. Always using a condom -- even for non-penetrating sexual contact -- plus knowing your partner's sexual history is really important.


    If the problem persists or you're concerned, you should see a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.


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