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Q: what does 5.0 1GG mean in a Herpes test result for the Herpes Select Blood test?

A woman said her Herpes Select Test results were HSV1 5.0 1GG and the same for HSV2. No symptoms. Should a person get another test in this case?  Some doctors are saying that the 1.10 number is too low and should be higher. Seven months ago was the sexual contact. A primary care doctor said that some patients get test results like the above from her, but then go to their gynecologists and are told they don't have Herpes. What is going on? Is there a test that just reads positvie or negative? Are there different stages of Herpes based on the numbers in the test result?

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HHH, Community Member
1/ 4/09 1:27pm

From my personal experience being you have no symptoms get retested.   I went through seven tests before getting a clear answer.  Two tests by LabCorp were positive and one unequivicol and Quest Labs and another lab found me to be negative.  They all used the Herpes Select kit which is an IgG test which is 96% - 97% accurate.  This test distinguishes between HSV I and HSV II antibodies unlike the old IgM tests. In my case I was surrounded by medical professionals that were lacking knowledge on Herpes and was at quite a loss as which way I should turn.


In your case I would get a Western Blot which is 98% - 99% accurate and is considered the Gold Standard for herpes tests. The Western Blot kit can be ordered from the University of Washington .  They will send you to a kit then you have to go to your doctor to have them draw the specimen.  You then return the specimen to the University of Washington for them to process.  It takes approximately three weeks for the Western Blot but is the best test out there for detecting herpes.  Don't let your medical professionals side track you with not getting a Western Blot or mess around with them sending you to a Infectious Disease Doctor


If you want to contact someone who is extrememly knowledgeable on herpes contact Terri Warren of Westover Heights Clinic in Oregon.  Here is the link:  It costs $60 for a fifteen minute phone consultation but is well worth the knowledge she will provide.


There are two support groups I know of and they are: and another website known as hwerks.  From what I have learned through my ordeal is that having herpes is not the end of the world and is more of a social stigma. 


Good luck.


sad:(, Community Member
8/30/12 6:37pm

It is funny I am in the same Boat...Never a yeast infection,BV,No burning itching nothing no bumps...But the pros do say That a 5.0 is def positive and no other testing is required...But Me having no symptoms am dumb founded really!! I am just to the point where I am excepting it(maybe) But I feel for you I honestly do... Doctors are not educated at all!!! 

sad:(, Community Member
8/31/12 1:20pm

I am sorry I am not trying to question you Both of my tests were the same as hers >5..The pros say that no further testing needed..Also can I ask how your whole ordeal started?

HHH, Community Member
9/ 5/12 10:24pm

My story started with a new relationship and both of us  getting tested for STD's.  I popped positive from Labcorp for HSV.  Through a good friend who has HSV convinced me to get retested from an anonymous group called   Go online ask for only the HSV test, and pick your lab (preferrably not the one who produced your other results).  You will get an anonymous serial number to sign in with at the lab.  Then get an email to call a number that will tell you your results are available online for review and download.  I chose Quest Labs for my other results.    I had had three positive results from Labcorp plus a consultation form the Labcorp director, and two negative results from Quest labs.  Then my Doctor sent me to a third independent lab who also showed me to be negative.  So how does one reconsile the disparity? 


The only true test is a Western Blot mentioned in the previous thread.  Read up on it and you will see why this test is superior to all  the other tests. 


My test from the Western Blot came back negative.   According to the Terri in Oregon if the numbers are up and down you need a Western Blot. 


Bottom line don't trust  the labs 100%.  If you are in doubt follow the above advice.  


The good news is I dated a lady after this fiasco,  she had no symptoms but was positive for HSV.  Threw all the drama she met the love of her  life who was also HSV positive. 


I say again it is not the end of world.   


Good Luck!


Please contact me if you have other questions.

TOM, Community Member
8/17/14 12:32pm

I'm new here. After reading this thread, it gave me a glimmer of hope. I just got my Herpes test result from Labcorp. HSV1 and 2 specific ab:HSV1 igg 27.40 high and HSV2 <0.91.


index 0.00-0.90

negative <0.91

positive  >1.09


Take note of 27.40 Others says it high because I've had it for a while but I never had the typical symptoms. Test was performed after 3 mos of possible exposure. My symptoms were sore throat after 2 days of exposure and lasted for 2 days(negative for strep). Then burning tongue for almost 3 mos. Should i retest? I know I get sick easily and have not been sleeping lately because of depression and anxiety. I even have surgery few weeks ago and still I dont have the actual symptoms. I'm thinking of testing at Quest lab. What do you think?


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