• anynomes anynomes
    June 08, 2008
    How do you get rid of genital herpes or an outbreak?
    anynomes anynomes
    June 08, 2008

    About two weeks ago I had oral sex with my boyfriend. Since then, my vagina has been itching really really bad. I don't want to tell anyone because I am afraid. If it's genital herpes, how do you get rid of them without going to the doctor?  I don't want my parents to know; they would be so pissed. So yes, please help me.




  • ikp1966 July 27, 2008
    July 27, 2008

    you must go to your doctor.  Only he or she can determine if it is genital herpes.  I have herpes and I contracted it from my exhusband when we was married.  I control break outs  by taking once daily Valtrex. You can only get a presciption from your doctor.  Herpes can be passed even if your partner does not have any signs of a break out.  Herpes can also be passed person to person by oral sex as well.  The only way not pass it is to use condoms and the person that is a carrier or has herpes must take Valtrex once daily so that the will not get a break out.  Women, especially, have more break outs because of hormal changes before your periods and because of stress.  I urge you to please talk to you parent or someone that can get you to you doctor to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possilble.   From a concerned Mom!

  • Melody June 10, 2008
    June 10, 2008

    YOu need to go the the dr. or other women's clinic for diagnosis. You could simply have a vaginal infection. You cannot get rid of herpes.  There is no cure, only treatments for the outbreaks. Get checked please. Having sex outside...you could have poison ivy there!  But noone can diagnose you without an examination.

  • xenia June 18, 2011
    June 18, 2011

    Sorry but you need to condult a doctor. I've suffered so much during my outbreaks for 3 years. what relieved me is Herpeset. my homeopathic doctor gave it. It's made of natural ingredients that soothe and heal the blisters.. even the burning pain. Now i don't worry much about the outbreaks. visit www.howdoigetridofherpes.blogspot.com to uplift your spirit. Here to help.

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