• johnj4u4 johnj4u4
    December 21, 2008
    I noticed a blister on my penis. It lasted day. Yellow stick stuck came out . Is it Herpes?
    johnj4u4 johnj4u4
    December 21, 2008

    I notice a blister on my penis about 5 and half weeks after having a one nighter. It only lasted a day and a half. The night before I noticed the blister. I had masterbated. The next day I noticed it on my penis on the base. It didn't hurt to me at all. It's healing and still not hurting. When it popped, it had yellow sticky stuck that came out. Could this be because of masterbating or could it be herpes. I had a penis to penis contact by rubbing. I didn't notice anything on the guys penis. I also went to the doctor to ask about it. She said it could be a possiblity for herpes or a ingrown hair. She didn't really answer my question. I did a blood test and a cultural viral. I am still waiting for the cultural viral results. It was only one bump or blister. Can anyone give me maybe a clear answer because blood work is not always accurate and not sure about it.



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  • butterflyinflight December 23, 2008
    December 23, 2008

    It probably isn't herpes since the blisters are not full of puss. They are lesions that are similar to cold sores on the mouth or cancre sores inside the mouth from too much citric acid. You probably had an ingrown hair. I say probably because I didn't see it and I can't be for sure, however, the tests are going to be your best bet, unless you have the same problem again. In that case go to your dr while you still have the sore.

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