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Monday, April 06, 2009 johnj4u4, Community Member, asks

Q: I had a blister that was on my penis for a good while. What could it be?

About a two months ago, I had two bumps on my penis. One of the bumps came after masturbation and the other bump was already there and had a yellow stuff in it. I went to the doctor and stupid me let the doctor swap the blister that came after the masturbating. The doctor was going to swab the other blister but I told her that it has been there alright. (Note this blister looked more like a bump than a blister). I got my result back from the viral culture and it came back negative for the blister after maturbating. I than started realizing that I should have let the doctor do a viral culture on this bump or blister with yellow stuff in it. So what I did, I went back to and doctor and had a blood work done and looked at the bump or blister. The doctor told me that this bump looking like an ingrown hair. My blood work came back negative at 9 weeks. I read even futher that the blood work is not accurate at 9 weeks and I decided to go back again to the doctor to blood work again. I found be a primary doctor. I had him look at the bump and he said the same thing that it looks like a ingrown hair.  He gave me a prescription for some cream so the bump can pop. When this bump popped, puss came out of it and what was left was a round hole where the puss came from. I have not seen any hair grow or came out of it. I went back for a check up with the doctor and i describe what the bump looked like after it popped. He said it did not look like herpes. My results, the doctor did not sign off on me to do a herpes test. I told him that was the main reason why I came to him. He said this bump or blister did not look like herpes and he described how herpes looked. So I told my self, I don't have herpes. What do you think I should do.

My blood work came back negative at two months. I think i had this bump before I had this encounter of a one night stand. I was not sexually active for 5 months before this encoutner. This bump also did not spread like most articles state that another bump or blister will appear next to or same area. Most of the articles that I read said the blister would leak. Should I go back and get blood work done again to make sure or listen to the two doctors that looked at it and said the same thing.

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