July 30, 2009
    Can be Herpes simplex be easily mistaken for shingles?
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    July 30, 2009

    i have had 3 partners in my life, whom i always asked if they were clean before any intercourse. before getting together with my 3rd partner, i had already taken 2 blood tests for any stds or hiv, both coming out negative. after 6 months of being with my gf, i developed a small lesion which was followed by a second. so i went straight to the doctor. i had a blood test taken and while waiting for result, my penis grew blisters all where the lesions were, only the left side. it burns bad, and is incredibly painful. my lymph nodes in my groin area have swelled up to cherry size. i was very concerned about herpes. but my gf never had symptoms nor has ever been with someone who's had it, and i know she's always been faithful to me. she's just as freaked out as i am because she would have herpes too. but i received my test results and they came back negative! i went to the doctor, and she still said, that she's 90% sure its herpes simplex. i have to take another blood test in 2 months to see if the virus is settled in my blood yet, and check again.


    Could it be possible to have mistaken it for genital shingles?


    i am always under stress, and i have had the pox.

    the blisters are painful beyond belief

    and it doesnt hurt to urinate and its been around for a week now.

    the blisters have stopped spreading, but theyve grown and are ready to pop.

    some have already scabbed over.


    how easily can herpes be mistaken for shingles visually?



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