• Justin85 Justin85
    July 25, 2009
    The tip of my penis is bleeding and it's burning alot, what should I do ?
    Justin85 Justin85
    July 25, 2009

    I woke up this morning and I felt this burning sensation at the tip of my penis.  So I got up and went to the bathroom to take a better  look at my penis.  When I took off my underwear and looked at my penis it was bleeding, so I took some bathroom tissue and wipe off the blood.  After cleaning it off while looking at my penis tip, it looked red and irritated.  That hppen yesterday.  Today it's still burning alot and there is a bit of blood as well.  What do you think is the problem?  My doctor is out of country and is due to come back on Monday, so I won't see a doctor until Tuesday morning.  What do you think I should do in the mean while?  Do you think it's Genital Herpes?



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