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Monday, July 13, 2009 WhatDoIDo?, Community Member, asks

Q: did my husband give me herpes?

I had some canker sore-like things on my vagina and went to the doctor who told me I have herpes. I'm married, my husband has never been with anyone else. I was with one other man 5 years ago. Can herpes be dormant for 5 years or is this recent infection from my husband?


I really need to know. If I got it from him...that must mean he got it from another woman...

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t, Community Member
7/15/09 5:50pm

Check your numbers. If your numbers are high you have had it for awhile. If the numbers are low then i believe its a new infection. Its possible this could of been dormant for this long. Did u rescently have surgery or a tooth pulled?If u have that weakins the immune system so then the herpes will show up. If nothing has happen like u havent gottin sick or nothin like that its possible he did pass it to u. Have your husband take a std test. If he wont & refuses to take one then u know hes guilty.

trustme2b, Community Member
7/13/09 6:07pm

Well I'll tell ya,

    My exwife gave me genital herpes before she was my fiance.


Then chlamydia when she was pregnant with what I guess is


our second child. Been honest about my disease ; Now it's been


longer than it was before the first time. Excepting self-love.

Talk To Your Doc, Community Member
7/15/09 5:54pm

Have you ever had a cold soar? if so its possible you gave it to yourself. Has your husband ever had a cold sore? if so, then its possible he gave it to you. Herpes is a frustrating bastard of an infection and can be transmitted easily. Someone with a cold sore could give your husband a peck on the cheek, passing it to his mouth. Your husband then performs oral sex on you, before you know it.. boom.. you've got herpes. You need to talk to your husband and he needs to be tested as well. I hope that you two are able to be open and honest with each other, even though that can be so hard sometimes. 


I am living with both HSV1 &2 and my girlfriend so far is not. 


I wish you luck- 

newmelkw, Community Member
7/21/09 8:04pm

sorry but your an idiot!!  my husband just gave it to me from going to massage parlors and hes a professor at a very well known college.  your husband screwed somebody with herpes!!

WhatDoIDo?, Community Member
7/22/09 11:39pm

you don't have to be so rude!

HerpesAnonomous, Community Member
8/ 9/09 8:30am


HerpesAnonomous, Community Member
8/ 9/09 8:43am

Herpes can lie dormant forever, and be passed only through shedding if there is never an outbreak. You stated your hubby hasn't been with anyone else, how can you be sure about that? The reality of it all is there needs to be conversation and both parties must be honest with themselves and each other.


You guys already have one another, how much worse can it get? 


Best wishes

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