• tryingtobeoptimistic tryingtobeoptimistic
    February 24, 2009
    Swollen lymph nodes in neck and herpes?
    tryingtobeoptimistic tryingtobeoptimistic
    February 24, 2009

    I was diagnosed with HSVII about a month and a half ago. I have not had any outbreaks since my initial outbreak, but last week I experienced some itching on my inner thighs. I take Valtrex daily as a supressive therapy. Sometime last week, I noticed that the lymph nodes in my neck were swollen and sore. They are still swollen. Is this a sign of my body fighting off an outbreak or could it be something more? Are swollen lymph nodes in the neck common for herpes in the absence of an outbreak?



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  • MelissaJames December 25, 2009
    December 25, 2009
    I have been living with herpes for over a year now and at the same time i was diagnosed i noticed one lymph gland in my neck which i can feel and move around. It has been bothering me ever since hearing stories of what inflamed lymph glands can mean ie lymphoma and other bad infections/cancers so i have seen 2 doctors who have told me it may be scarring from previous throat and viral infections that has not gone down and went as far as seeing a heomatologist (bad speller) a blood specialist who works with lymphoma patients. Stupidly enough i didnt mention that i had herpes which may have put an end to my worry but he told me that lymph glands can come and go in young people even adults. Blood tests came back fine and we have left it at that. After doing research on the internet i believe it has something to do with herpes allthough i cant be sure. Hope this helps READ MORE
  • butterflywbrokenwings March 02, 2009
    March 02, 2009
    It could mean another outbreak is going to occur. I am no expert, just diagnosed in Dec.  However, I had the same problem; my lymph nodes on one side of my neck was tender and hurt.  I then had another outbreak a few days later. Hope this helps. READ MORE
  • jesus savior April 08, 2010
    jesus savior
    April 08, 2010

    i also have swollen lymph nodes but i also have itching all over my body sometimes at night? does anyone get this?

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