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Sunday, October 25, 2009 24 year old woman, Community Member, asks

Q: I'm taking acyclovir treatment for herpes,how long am i supose to wait to see results?

I'm 24 years old, and just start the herpes treatment with Acyclovir a month ago,i take those pils everyday whitout skipping, but i still have the outbreak why? very anoying and i can't even have a regular sexual life any more because of it,besides my boyfrind does not have it...i'm very worried about him too, i don't want him to get it...What can i do?....i thougth the outbreaks did not stay for so long....but mine just won't go away.

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marlalovestoshop, Community Member
10/25/09 7:51pm

Hi I have had chronic herpes like that and let me reassure you yes it will eventually go away.  The good news is Valtrex or acyclovir reduces number of outbreaks makes them less severe and helps in the reduction of infecting your partner. Bad news it is not good on your body to take meds forever, so figure out when the outbreak stops and try to cut back on dose or get off for a while.  Always wear a rubber and inform your partner it is his problem if he does not care enough about you to stick around.  You are still the same person just as good as before.  One out of 5 people have herpes so you have alot of company right.  Pop the pill don't worry about it yes it is a bummer but if you had no problems you would not be alive.  The secret is how you deal with it this is a tough club to be in no whimps allowed right and you are a strong person that is the plus makes you stronger than most. Believe it or not over time it practically goes away if you stay with the same partner mostly. 3,000 strains of herpes 2, so just be cause someone has it they may not have the same strain you have right. If the guy cares it will not matter to him anyways if he doesn't not your problem to worry about right there is 3 different directions he can go in is my attitude and always, always like yourself cause your still you. Causes of outbreaks are as follows sunlight, certain foods, weak immune system, disease, stress no biggy you will see.  Hang in there.

24 year old woman, Community Member
10/26/09 2:11pm

thank's for your answer!!! I really apreciate it....and just because you mentioned it...can you please tell me wath kinds of food??? please!!!

I love to eat...and thanks God I don't get fat so easy..but i would like to know if i have to reduce someting that i'm eating that makes my outbreak to stay longer.

Thanks again..


marlalovestoshop, Community Member
10/27/09 4:51pm

Well I know chicken and fish and all seafood basically contains high amounts of Lysine which retards the growth of herpes thankgoodness.  You can also buy the lysine pills at the health food store.  Nuts cause out breaks avoid if possible, peanut butter, sometimes even chocolate can cause it but on that each of us are different.  I can not live with anyone who stresses me out that will definately cause you to have outbreaks, avoid drama if you can.  Pretzels are good.  There is a book out on what food to eat or not eat I just try myself to eat lots of chicken when it is bad, eat lots of chicken. Get a juicer and boost you immune system that helps keep the herp in check as well because you are building your immune system.  I did not have any outbreaks for about 8 yrs when I juiced all the time with carrots and apples and cucumber but then it broke unfortunately and it came back.  i don't know if it is related but after xmas I will buy another one lol

24 year old woman, Community Member
10/28/09 7:11pm

by the way if i want somebody to talk to....would you like to?

but i don´t know how to use this page

marlalovestoshop, Community Member
11/ 9/09 6:35pm

Hi I have been without internet my sister is one of those who lives in the dark ages, so I just now received your email.  You can talk to me anytime it is nice to have someone to talk to, and I am exactly like you right which in my opion is a good thing we are strong people because of what we have been through no wimps here.  We would change it back if we could God knows, but you know we are the same mostly so it is our job to help others deal with this yours as well as mine.  You strike me as a person that is real with a big heart and anyone with half a brain knows that is a major plus and you have a lot to offer some lucky guy just remember that ok.  I know how it is to get bumbed out over this but the main thing is how you cope with it or deal with it and whatever you learn that can help me or others we share it right.  Thank you for being a friend.

32yroldlady, Community Member
1/24/12 10:02am

HI, I just started taking acyclovir and I was wondering how long will it take for these cold sores to go away on my lips? I only get them on my lips, but still they hurt very bad. What would you recommend that I use to stop the pain. Will the meds make them go away very soon? Or will it still take 2 weeks like always? This is my 1st time on meds for this problem.

NurseHelena, Community Member
4/14/14 10:22am

I just want to say to the encouraging response from Marla!!! Fantastic word!! Thank you! NurseHelena, LPN

caligirl100, Community Member
11/12/09 8:41am

I think I have HSV-2. I am going to get tested soon, but just waiting on the 3 month mark to hit, which is almost here. I know that taking drugs over long periods of time is not good, but I can't get these outbreaks (I have them without the lesions) to stop. I am sad and very angry at myself. I just ended things with an awesome guy because I disclosed that I may have herpes and he told me he didn't want to see me if the test came back positive. :( We did have sex a bunch with condoms, but I recently discovered that they are only 30 percent effective. So, he may have it now too. I am going to tell him when I get the test result so he can take appropriate measures to make sure he is free of this.


I am so depressed and angry at myself right now I can't sleep. I am probably causing more harm to myself by doing this, but I can't help it. No wonder why the first year is the most difficult. All the stress can reek havoc on the body.

24 year old woman, Community Member
11/12/09 3:12pm

I'm sorry you'r having to pass for this bd time,but there is no way back in case you have it..hopefully you don't...if your boyfriend loves you,he will understand the situation and try to help you out to do things little bit easier. if not, is because he is not good enough for you...because when you love somebody you are there in the good times and especially in the bad ones.

I just figure out i have it two moths ago now and i hate it, makes me feel insecure and selfcounsious..but my boyfriend try his best to mak feel better(he does not have it) he is still there giving me suport.

You have to be strong and know that you are not alone..and also know that this can be control and have a regular sexual life...




caligirl100, Community Member
11/12/09 6:45pm

Aww thanks so much! So I went and got tested today since tomorrow will be 12 weeks and I figured one day short wouldn't hurt. I did not sleep at all last night. I got an email from my boyfriend today and he said that he didn't care if I had it all he wants is to be with me, so that was a relief too. We will see when I get the test results back. We are going to abstain from sex until then. I think by me saying it was over last night due to his response about breaking up with me if I had it, it made him think about how special of a connection we had and I think this relationship is going to be special if he stays with me. Fingers crossed right? And hopefully the test will come back negative and what I got is some crazy itch that won't go away.

24 year old woman, Community Member
11/13/09 8:26pm

I'm really happy about your boyfriend response, i hope everything is fine with you,and in case you have it we can deal with it together,since i just figure i have it and i'm still having problems to deal with it...

AndrewNeal, Community Member
11/24/09 7:24pm

Hi I am a 27 and gay and was diagnosed with herpes 2 days ago. I am also in a long term relationship.  We have never had sex with any other people since we have been together. We broke up 6 months ago and just got back together. (Thats when I am thinking I got Herpes)  Good news is he knows that I have herpes and he is still going to be there for me.  I just wanted to write and say that I am so happy that your boyfriend decided that he wanted to be with you no matter what.  This can be a scary time and support from friends, family and even partners is key!

mom, Community Member
6/ 2/10 9:10pm

My daughter just found out that she has herps. The bad news is that we shared my razor in the time of her out break so Im just worried that I might have it too now can anybody plz help me.

hatingthis, Community Member
10/ 5/11 7:52pm

well, from what I knmow, you cant get it from blood, only from a sore caused by an outbreak, IE:cold sore,genital sore! you can even give blood with herpes and they dont check you for it for that reason, only if you are on meds then you cant give blood, hope this helped?

soul.searchin', Community Member
12/23/13 11:24am

Hello everyone, that is actually not true about not testing for it in the blood. They do have blood tests to determine the  presence of HSV in your blood and they can test to see specifically which it is, 1 or 2. While it is ideal to do a scratch test and sample an actual sore,  if you don't make it to the doctor in time of an active outbreak, they can do a blood test. I am a nurse and I also have herpes and I was treated with a blood test and we do it to people all the time on my floor.

Welshie, Community Member
3/ 9/13 7:37am
Your ex wasn't worth having if he is that shallow and narrow minded. He will find it difficult to get a partner without the herpes virus! It is one of the most common and contagious viruses in the world. You can catch it just from touching a surface that an infected person has touched!. Millions of people have the virus without knowing as it is laying dormant and hasn't 'broke out' yet. 65% of children and 85% of adults have the herpes virus! It's not as bad as it sounds. Yes the pain and the look of the cold sores and ulcers are not nice but there are treatments for these. a common virus That more that 3 quarters of the work also has is certainly not worth losing a loved one, your dignity, self respect or your life over!. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!! Reply
Introuble, Community Member
9/ 5/12 11:48am
Hi, I have a question, I haven't yet been diagnosed but I'm fairly certain from all the research and my symptoms that I have herpes. Two days after having sex with a casual partner I started to get what I thought was thrush but then I noticed that night that there were lumps on my labia and near my clitoris. I freaked out!! Within the night they had turned into full blown blisters and are now excruciatingly painful to the point where going to the bathroom makes me naseaus with pain and I can't walk. Any suggestions on what I can do to ease the pain / duration of the sores, cold showers seem to help, the doctor told me to put Zovirax on the sores but I think because of the area the cream is just spreading the blisters. Reply
UnluckyKarma, Community Member
5/ 5/13 11:48am
Hi, I started having these painful lesions and throbbing pain on my clitoris after having 4 days if rough sex with my boyfriend. We were both virgins before we did it and have not done it or kissed with anyone else. Today, these circular wounds appeared and the pain is unbearable. I went to my GYN and she said I have herpes. Going to start taking acyclovir tomorrow but the test result as to positive/ negative herpes will still be in a few days. How long does the outbreak last? And any tips? I'm freaking out Reply
Zm15081508, Community Member
8/16/13 3:35am
It will get better i haven't had a outbreak since first outbreak in 2009 and my husband does not have it still to this day although I did like valtrex 500mg once a day better had to switch to acyclovir 800 mg twice a day because of insurance purposes and they are HORSE PILLS keep head up Reply
hepl type 1, Community Member
4/29/14 11:42am

Since you already have HSV-1 or HSV-2 then this desease can not be completely cure by medication such as Acyclovir. It can be recurrent expose one in a while in your life time. The only way you can prevent it is make sure you use protection sex  with ur parner and make sure no oral sex because it is very easy to be contagious through silivary mucus. In case if you do please use Listerin and clean your month immedietly after expose and make sure you and ur parner wash both of your genital well with soap and apply some acyclovir oil on the contact genital area. Good luck 

Eliza ball, Community Member
5/25/14 1:17pm
So I've only ever been with the one guy and I have most symptoms of herpies except my thing is really swollen like 2x regular size , it dosent hurt to pass urine & I had a lot of discharge, I've only ever been with my one Boyfriend for 5 years and not sure how I could have caught it but I really don't care of I do have it is just kinda annoying like a Coldsore really. I rang the doctors that tell you info over the phone he said it sounds like a yeast infection and gave me medication for that so did the chemist but I really think it's herpes and I'm too scared to go to the doctors about it please help. I have -brown discharge -spotting -swollen "ya know" -really dry - really really really really really really itchy! Help me please Reply
lushylavida1, Community Member
10/ 5/14 8:14am

I think it depends on the person and their immune system.  You have to become familiar with what could be a trigger.  Honestly my diet does not affect my outbreaks like they say , but I learned what does. But at the same time,  some people have to take medicine daily versus when they have an outbreak.  And I take them daily for the last 5 yrs and still will have an outbreak. 

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