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    March 31, 2009
    Lectroject: Modern-Day Snake Oil?
    rise_above rise_above
    March 31, 2009

    So I've seen this guy leaving shareposts and answering some people's questions, claiming to know about a product called "Lectroject," which claims to be a cure for Herpes.  I'm not really asking whether or not this product works, because it's obviously a scam.


    Think about it:  Given the prevalence of genital herpes, if a cure had been discovered, wouldn't it make more news by now?  If it were a true cure, would they need this guy to fish for suckers on health sites?  Would they need to advertise at all?  The amount of news publicity generated by that type of product would be enough to have the masses clamoring for it.


    Additionally, they claim that their product cures by attacking "ALL viral DNA present in your body", and then claim that "Lectroject can't 'Cure' anything," the same way that a syringe can't cure anything; that it's just a tool to help deliver the cure, which they credit to a medication called Acyclovir.  The funny thing is that Acyclovir isn't a cure, and has never claimed to be.  It's just a suppressant that can help you manage outbreaks and prevent transmission of herpes to others.  How do they think their magic tool can transform a suppressant into something more? Plus, if it attacks ALL viral DNA... why aren't they touting it as a cure for HIV, too?


    Anyway, you get the idea.  As I said, I wasn't really asking about it.  This is more to make others aware of this scam, and to offer a place for the poor people that have been ripped off to comment.  However, IF (and a highly unlikely IF) someone has used this product successfully (meaning that you were HSV-2 positive, you've used the product, and you've had a follow-up blood test that came back negative), please comment!  It would be wonderful to know that I'm wrong on this one!  I'm not betting the farm on it, though...



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  • Moedsie July 21, 2010
    July 21, 2010

    You are obviously ignorant about iontophoretic drug delivery. If Lectroject drug delivery was a scam (snake oil) GSK a major pharmaceutical company would not be spending US $27 million to develop a similar system.



  • latif1234 February 25, 2013
    February 25, 2013

    Sorry your information is far from the truth


    I patients with herpes of more than 4 years and I purchased a "Lectroject"
    In early 2011 and used it as they advised me for a period of 15 days,It succeeded in preventing the emergence of herpes for a longer period than previously but it returned.

    I e-mailed them and they responded to my e-mail within an hour of sending and said that they have mentioned to us in the website that we have to use it for another 15 days if the disease had re-emergence.


    I used it again, and thank GOD, till now the disease does not appear more than two years ago.


    For your information the site that sells the product says that the treatment of herpes is easy, but the cause of the failure to find a definitive cure for the disease is draining pharmaceutical companies for funds.

    The value of drugs for the disease a bit expensive.


    I believe it, especially after my use of the product.


    As you can see there website has disappeared from the internet

    "Lectroject" web page no longer exist


    I wish all patients will get well soo


  • daddysuges January 27, 2014
    January 27, 2014

    Prior to using the Lectroject machine to help manage my Herpes outbreaks I had 4 to 5 outbreaks per year. So if you times the amount of outbreaks by 4 years then we're talking roughly around 20 to 25 outbreaks I would have had in the last 4 years. BUT since using the lectroject machine to transport Acyclovir straight into my bloodstream I've had 4 outbreaks in 4 years AMAZING. Also herpes is not a virus by the way if you do your research. Herpes is a fungus hence Acyclovir is useless anyway in trying to eliminate Herpes. Acyclovir is a good suppresent and that's it !!


    Who ever reads this IONTOPHORESIS is the way forward, I've tried every type of medication and treatment over the last 15 years and the most effective to date is IONTOPHORESIS COMBINED WITH ACYCLOVIR bar none.


    I've recently done some trials with other medication other than acyclovir and so far so good, no outbreaks what so ever. I also have stone cold proof that the pharmaceutical companies but don't want the general public to be aware of this, absolutely disgusting. I'm willing to meet anyone if your here in the u.k and give you the wealth of my 15 years of knowledge about every type of scam and rubbish treatments being offered on the internet.

  • TruthBomb777 September 06, 2011
    September 06, 2011

    Obviously you've never heard of a mainstream media "blackout!"


    The "PRESStitutes" are in bed with BIG PHARMA and are therefore controlled by them! They only cover what they are TOLD to cover and these types of inventions would take millions of dollars from the pockets of these legal "pushers" ... ie: BIG PHARMA...


    As to whether or not this product is good or bad... I cannot say. I have no idea. But the naivity in which you express your opinion that this would "obviously" be BIG NEWS... is well, SAD. GET A CLUE! WAKE UP!! I am your alarm clock!! You will NOT get the TRUTH in the mainstream ... they are suppressing it and blacking it out! If you desire to write about this product, find the truth then report it with strong supporting evidence or shut your stupid brainwashed pie hole!! Thanks!! ;-)

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