• Linda Pike Linda Pike
    November 18, 2008
    How long does herpes live on clothes and towels?
    Linda Pike Linda Pike
    November 18, 2008

    How long does the virus live on towels and clothes?



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  • Kway1212 December 16, 2008
    December 16, 2008
    I would assume that the herpes virus could live as long as it had any carrying "host" to feed it.  Dampness, mucus of sorts,,,especailly if folded or rolled up and not allowed to dry on towel, clothing, sheets (Use your imagination for christ's sake! )   DUH.  Most viruses do die when moisture it lost and hence,,,,all dried up!  not funny I know as I am dating them myself but got to keep it real lite or go white glove NUTS!!! right? READ MORE
  • VOAO November 20, 2008
    November 20, 2008

    From what my doctor told me it only lives on surfaces for couple of hours. Wash your towels in hot water (if you're sharing them) and your clothes at what ever temp you regularly wash them on. If you're washing up and have HSV2, wash your genitals last because you might infect another area.

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