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Thursday, November 13, 2008 candyass, Community Member, asks

Q: i have areas that look likr ringworms in my vagina area. What can it be? Really iches bad!!!

I have ichy patches around my vagina area and the bend in my inner thigh. Some looks like ringworms and others just straight lines that are bumpy and itch really bad.  Is there a such thing as ringworms in that area?  Someone please help me. Hate to think my husband bought something home to me- he is a long haul truck driver.  PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR OPIONION!!!!

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SO HURT, Community Member
11/14/08 12:52am

Look at some pictures of genital herpes. By the signs and symptoms you are having i would say that you have genital herpes. Thats exactly how mine started and in the same areas. I was a pubic hair shaver!LOL! so i thought it was just razor bumps or irritation. It kept coming back. So instead of getting my usual STD tests I asked specifically asked for a herpes test. my results came back positive. I have never heard of anyone having ringworms in that area. Go get tested! another word of advice I know it will be easy to blow up on your husband if infact you do have it and you know you have been faithful but please DONT. It will only make the reality of what you have worse. Try your best to talk it out. when I was first diagnosed in June my first thoughts after crying in the doctors office an hour after she told me was to go kill him. Those thoughts faded quickly tho! I confronted him he denied wouldnt go get tested so that gave me all i needed. I just hate that he ruined my life im only 26. telling men about what I have isnt the easiest thing to do and it has turned everyone of them away. but i am a very honest girl so i tell them up front and let them decide if there is anything to continue

munonga john, Community Member
2/ 3/11 2:34pm

i have areas that look like ringworms and rushes around my testicle and penis area. its now 10 years, what are these things please help me.

SO HURT, Community Member
11/14/08 1:40am

Hey I found this comment on another persons page thought it might help!


Linda Friday, October 31, 2008 Linda

Becky, you can see from the response to my question that many women immediately stated my husband has been cheating. I went with him to the doctor for his results and he only has HSV-1, results show he has had it for some time and that he is a-symptomatic.  I will get re-tested and my doctor will order a certain type of blood work to indicate if it his a chronic or acute problem.  My ob-gyn initially stated if I had this problem when I was pregnant with my sons I would have more than likely had an outbreak during my pregnancies which was over 2 years ago.  She also could not answer why he had HSV-1 and I HSV-2 (although I know it could come from oral sex as well), she began looking at me as if I was promiscious but I put her in her place and let her know that I proudly have been with one person in my entire 33 years and he is my husband.  Now my husband and i have not engaged in oral sex in almost a year.  Our family doctor could not account and wanted to have me re-tested, i am going to do this to find out if it was acute or not  .... I guess it is just one of the mysteries of the virus.  I am adjusting, and talking Valtrex daily, I had my first major outbreak in August, I continue to get them monthly, but they are not as severe as the first, I can tell before when i am about to have an outbreak because there is an increase in my discarge and the feelign of a yeast infection.  This situaiton has actually helped to strengthen my marriage.  I hope this could be so for everyone.  Good luck with your situation - I think your are in a difficult situation since you were never tested for HSV before, the questions you would have to ask yourself is (1) how can you prove that u didn't have it before? (2) Is the unknown worth walking away from your marriage especially if it is a happy one? (3) what will walking away solve?  Just ask your husband to be honest with you and work from there - hopefully if he did cheat you can deal with the problem and move on; if he did not I'm even more happier for you.  I think the best thing is not to jump to any conclusion, and try not to stress yourself out, the truth will come out one way or the other.  In my situation, I could have read the negative posts and attack my husband and make a bad situation worst, but I chose to think about my family and what it really means to me.  Remember, it could be worst.  You can experience an outbreak from 2 days to 3 weeks after being infected - or even longer, you never know.  I had chicken pox four years ago, could that be a reason? ... there are lots of unknowns with this virus.  The good thing it is manageable.  Good luck and God bless!

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display name, Community Member
1/ 8/11 6:40pm

I don't understand why you women would automatically result to an STD. I am not even sexually active, and yes, I have had ringworm on my vagina. There are many home remedies to help cure this irritating infection, or you can get it treated medically by your doctor. No big deal, it will be gone in about a week.

meee1986, Community Member
5/19/11 12:03pm

i had the same thing, and if it is just ringworms go buy some lamisil spray and spray the area WITH YOUR PANTIES ON!!!! and it should automatically stop itching and go away. i used it 2 times and it is gone....

Luvy, Community Member
1/18/12 1:11am
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