• baby g baby g
    October 18, 2008
    can you get genital herpes from a viberator that someone already used that is already infected?
    baby g baby g
    October 18, 2008


    i have a question. can you get genital warts from using someone's viberator that is already infected? you see im still a virgin and i just found out that my aunt has genital warts for about 4 years now. and i used her viberator not knowing that she has genital warts. but i cleaned it with hot water and soap. can i still get genital warts? you know i used her viberator cause i plan on loosing my virginity when i get married. but when i found out that my aunt had genital warts for so many years im scared cause i have pumps down there but i have went to see the docters already and they said it was jus pumps that protect the vagina. but i dont think these pumps are those for protecting. please someone give me some information i know it may sound gross that i used someone else's viberator but you know i thought she was clean. but in the end i thought wrong. please someone help me out.



  • healthgal
    Health Pro
    October 24, 2008
    Health Pro
    October 18, 2008

    I guess the lesson learned is always be honest if you can so that if you take something from someone they'll have the opportunity to offer it to you and also to share with you any information you need to know- unless she did offer to share it  and then - you should always clean any item you may be using "personally" with alcohol.


    That being said - I would assume the doctors examined you and felt you were free of any signs of virus.  It's unlikely that you got herpes from the use of the vibrator but indeed, you can watch for any rashes that more typically are "paindul" and also have vesicles that usually release fluid as they mature and break open.


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