• Lotus point Lotus point
    October 07, 2008
    Can skin flakes from Type 1 cause type 2 from someone it contacts?
    Lotus point Lotus point
    October 07, 2008
    MY WIFE AND I DO NOT DO ANAL/ORAL: NOT IN 26 YEARS! Last month we started t see spots on our body9mine much worse) Thought they were this flea like black insects. Warm months: Little clothing About 1-2 months ago, my son's good friend told us he had ORAL herpes and that it was the mosst easy to handle. We thought nothing of it. Boy stayed 3-4 days per month in our home, as he had for nearly 6 months. Now I have these spots ALL over my body (itching and sore), and I am feeling terrible. My wife says she has itching on her leg and arms I just found 2 sores on my penis, and skin feels rough today CAN THIS KIDS SKIN FLAKES; SLEEPS/PLAYS VIDEO on my son's bed, have infected us? Partially disabled, I am the one who goes around the house in my shorts, brushing off the bed, handling clothes, etc. Boy is always leaving clothes at our home. PLEASE HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND! READ MORE


  • Penelope James
    Health Guide
    October 27, 2008
    Penelope James
    Health Guide
    October 27, 2008

    Hi Lotus point,


    Thanks for posting your question.  I'm not a doctor, so I cannot give medical advice, but I have, and am knowledgeable about, herpes.  


    From what you describe, I don't see how your son's friend could have given you herpes.  The only way for someone with oral herpes to give it to you would be if you shared food or drinks, or kissed or had oral sex.  It doesn't sound like that is the case.  Also, if you were to get herpes from him, it would probably only be in your mouth.  Skin herpes can happen, but it's pretty rare.  


    It sounds like you may have a flea problem in your house, as I've never heard of herpes to cover the entire body in bumps.  I would advise you to see a doctor immediately.  He/She will probably be able to look at you and make a diagnosis pretty quickly.  If you're in doubt, you could check out the Herpes Symptoms page to see if those symptoms match yours.  You may also be interested in the Herpes Prevention page. 


    If it does end up being herpes, feel free to come back and ask more follow-up questions.  Otherwise, good luck and take care!




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