• japanbaby08 japanbaby08
    June 11, 2010
    Sex when both partners are infected?
    japanbaby08 japanbaby08
    June 11, 2010

    My husband may have genital herpes, which means I may have it too.( it may be hpv as well, the doctors are not sure yet) We are in the process of getting tested now, but my question is, if we do have it, how will our sex life change. We have been married for a year and have been monogomous. Can we still have oral sex, or will we need to abstain or use protection? Can we have anal sex still, or will that spread it to that area too? Does it make a difference between the anus and the vagina, or as long as you are infected it can pop up in either place anyway?


    And if we do have herpes, how could we have been doing all these things for the past year and a half and not have mouth sores? He has an area that gets bumps, and I have an area that gets red and irritated, but it has not spread anywhere else on either of us even though we have done oral sex on each other and had anal various times before. 



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  • wishingonastar June 11, 2010
    June 11, 2010

    i have herpes in my anus and my hubby doesnt have it all and we have unprotected sex and he still has not gotten it i think drs and people make it seem that we can get it when someone is not having an outbreak thats my theory since he still hasnt gotten it we just dont have sex when im having an outbreak and why would drs say its ok to have a vaginal birth as long as we dont have an outbreak at the time of birth dont that make a whole lot of sense then if we still have sex with our partners and not pass it on during sex?

    also even if we both get it were together forever anyway so why does it matter in the end?

    thats the way i think hope that helps

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