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Q: Itchy vagina... afraid its genital herpes!! HELP!

Hi. So I had sex the other night and now my vagina is super itchy and so I decided to check around to see what could be the cause. When I looked inside my vagina I saw these bumps that I'm not sure if they were there before or not. Im pretty sure (and hoping) they are just the natural texture of my vagina prehaps just infalmmed? Im afraid they are genital warts but I'm not sure!! I dont have any other symptoms and I dont have any sores or bumps outside my vagina...its literally INSIDE. Is this genital herpes? Tell me EVERYTHING you know about how loong it takes to get it, what it looks like, feels like even...HELP im scared!

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Penelope James, Health Guide
10/27/08 4:33pm

Hi sexpanther,


Thanks for asking your question.  I'm not a doctor, so I cannot give you medical advice, but I do have herpes and I think I can help you.


There is no way for me, or anyone, to diagnose you online or over the phone.  You should go see a doctor, who will probably be able to take one look and immediately tell you what you have.  The sooner you go, the better.  It will be very easy to get a diagnosis and treatment, if you go while you still have symptoms.


That said, from what you describe it sounds to me like you have a bad yeast infection.  Herpes blisters can be on the inside of the vagina, but they're usually on the outside and in a localized spot.  Herpes causes itchiness, but just in one area, usually not all over.  Either way, the doctor will be able to give you medicine to get rid of it and you will feel so much better.  So don't worry, just go soon!  If you can't get an appointment soon, or don't have health insurance, I recommend calling your local Planned Parenthood.  With the symptoms you describe, they should be able to get you an appointment pretty soon.  


You should check out a SharePost I wrote recently comparing herpes outbreaks and yeast infections called Genital Herpes and Yeast Infections.  You may find some similarities to what I describe, and, although it doesn't substitute a doctor's visit, it may put your mind at ease a bit more.  I also recommend you look at the Herpes Symptoms page which has a number of different resources.  


Good luck and please come back and let us know how the doctor's visit went.



GetHealthy, Community Member
10/28/08 2:57pm

so it kinda sounds like herpes. my first outbreak was on the inside of my vagina and now i get sores on the outside. the first sores look different from the ones i get now. mine don't hurt and i have no other symptoms but they itch like hell. if you have discharge that is also another sign and burning when you pee. i had all these the first time but i don't get this anymore. valtrex doesn't work for me either but probably cause i'm pregnant. bad immune system. go get checked out. it's sucky and scary but you need to so we can all stop spreading the virus.

lovelife, Community Member
7/23/09 11:54am

First things first go get checked as soon as possible... i have herpes and i got the symptoms about four days later. i didnt think anything of it but then i started feelin sick and like had had the flu. so i went and got checked, my doctor said i was very brave cuz i went as a walk in and got tested to see what was going on i told my doctor about the blisters i had and also went for blood test. i went a week later and they told me i had herpes... i was very scared and didnt know how to tell ma mom but i told her the same day any way... im just scared to tell my boyfriend cuz i kno he was the one who gave it to me ive had herpes for almost two months now... My advice would be for you to go get checked.

shayla, Community Member
7/28/09 3:47am

I too went through this fear, i was so over worked, and i have never even had sex, just a minute of skin to skin contact, i was crying thinking the bumps were herpes, so as embbarassed as i was, i was scared so i showed my mom and asked if this was normal, becasue i was sure they were there before but since i was scared i was unsure, my mother didnt know so i made her check if she had them and she does, i also talked to a close friend about it, and she too had them, i also have the itch, and it only doesnt itch when i sit still or nothing is rubbing against me, i went to my doctor and he gave me a medication and it did not work, im thinking it is from shaving and using nair and letting the hair grow back, but possibly crabs, hope i helped you, i know how scared i was

cute, Community Member
1/26/10 1:29am

hi i also have herpes. sucks but thats reality.u should realy go get checked. u should also tell the guy u had sex with. wen i went i got diagnosed with chlamydia (std) the bumps i had soposally were because of that but i got treated so i no longer have it. but the bumps r still there once i got this huge 1 that hurted real bad i couldnt walk or  lay down and wat sucked more was i couldnt tell my mom cuz she doesnt know.any how i went 2 the doc and thats wen they told me i had herpes.i still have the bumps and they itch real bad im not sure if its because of the condom but i hope u get better..  

bigmouth, Community Member
5/ 7/10 7:16pm


bigmouth, Community Member
5/ 7/10 7:21pm


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