• Vecta Vecta
    April 15, 2010
    Cold Sore (fever blister) or Impetigo?
    Vecta Vecta
    April 15, 2010

    9 days ago (Tuesday), I woke up with very bad sore throat that I started developing since few days before and also fever about 98-99 degrees. My illness got better by Friday or Saturday.

    When I woke up on Sunday I've noticed small fluid-filled blister right under the nose and above my upper lip. Over the course of few days, more and more small blisters started showing up: one on top of my nose, few on the skin between my upper lip and the skin below nose, and many between the nose and the upper lip.

    I've been using Penciclovir 1% cream since Sunday for 4 days but it seems like tiny blisters are still developping or at least not healing.

    The first blisters I got are covered with yellow crust but it seems like there is fluid underneath.

    Would this be cold sore or impetigo?

    Thannk you.



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