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Thursday, April 15, 2010 Vecta, Community Member, asks

Q: Cold Sore (fever blister) or Impetigo?

9 days ago (Tuesday), I woke up with very bad sore throat that I started developing since few days before and also fever about 98-99 degrees. My illness got better by Friday or Saturday.

When I woke up on Sunday I've noticed small fluid-filled blister right under the nose and above my upper lip. Over the course of few days, more and more small blisters started showing up: one on top of my nose, few on the skin between my upper lip and the skin below nose, and many between the nose and the upper lip.

I've been using Penciclovir 1% cream since Sunday for 4 days but it seems like tiny blisters are still developping or at least not healing.

The first blisters I got are covered with yellow crust but it seems like there is fluid underneath.

Would this be cold sore or impetigo?

Thannk you.

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Answers (4)
Vecta, Community Member
6/ 9/11 9:26am

I have tiny blisters between my nose and mouth. They occurred in a circle but seem to be spreading.  Is this likely to be cold sores or impetigo ?


EH, Community Member
11/28/12 12:26pm

It is impetigo because you have not mentioned pain. I have had nurses mix up impetigo with cold sores for me and when I treat my impetigo as a cold sore it does not help, and it makes it worse by swelling. I had the same symtoms this time right before I developed my impetigo. I have had reocurring impetigo since I was 2yrs old according to my mother. I have taken antibiotics and used triple antibiotic creme from the dollar general.When it yellows that means its getting ready to scab and heal. It does not itch all of the time and can sometimes be numb. It will go away within two weeks by itself kept clean or within 3-4 days with treatment. When it starts you will notice an itching feeling the next time it occurs; before it begins wash the area and use the antibiotic creme and it helps prevent the full break out.


EH, Community Member
11/28/12 12:28pm

Also another way to tell is if the blister burst how fast it spread and where it can spread. Impetigo can spread to anywhere on your body. Although, that is not a pleasant way to find out.

EH, Community Member
11/28/12 12:34pm

Impetigo usually starts from a sore or damaged skin like a pimple, bug bite, and you usually will have had it as a child first. It can stop for years and reappear again later if the skin conditions are damaged. Mine usually start from acne, but has started from bug bites as well. If you do have pain and do not have any of these other problems or experiences then it could be a fever blister. A fever blister rappears in the exact same spot impetigo does not.

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