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Wednesday, April 01, 2009 NervousNeddy, Community Member, asks

Q: Another doctor says that it's not herpes!

Well, i went to another clinic to get a second opinion. A woman checked out the mark on the back of my penis, and she assured me again and again that it was NOT a herpes sore or a wart. It was more like a scar, maybe from when i got my penis caught in the zipper. The scar must've thicken overtime and it may not go away. If it says if it was a herpes, it would have came, had an open cut or sore and become painful, there would have been burning sensations when i pee, discharge, then it would have went away after a few weeks. And this mark (scar) has been there since December. And it was not or never was painful, i had no burning when i pee (maybe a warm feeling) and it was one mark that was like a straight line. If it was a herpes it would've been clusters of them. I told her about going to a Medcare facility and they put me on Doxycycl for UTI (urinary tract infection) My doctor told me that that facility doesn't fully specialize in STD/HIV infections and may have mislead me because they were even unsure that the mark on my penis was a herpes or not. And that I should not go to them anymore but to come to the clinic i was at today because they all fully specialize in HIV/STD infections as they see them everyday.


Yes i felt relieved, but there is the matter of the fact that i foolishily had two other sex partners that performed oral sex on me without a condom, even though they had no sores in or around their mouths. It takes 2-20 days for signs of herpes to show and my last partner i was with was 15 days ago and still no signs of pain or discomfort of swollen glands. By day 20, if still nothing, I will breathe much easier, but i don't think i'll be having sex for a long time. Especially after being scared and depressed for over 3 months.


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rise_above, Community Member
4/ 1/09 11:37am

Visual exams are the absolutely LEAST accurate way to tell if you have herpes or not.  For example, I've never, EVER had an outbreak, yet I still have the virus.


DO NOT assume that you don't have it until you've had a blood test specifically for HSV-2 AND HSV-1 (IgG), specifically for your blood type.  And even then, I'd get tested again later, to be 100000000% sure.  You don't want to risk spreading this and having to live with knowing that.


There are plenty of services available online where you can get a test done, get a pin number, and get your results within 3 days.  All you have to do is give your blood and urine, and you never have to see anyone face-to-face except whoever is collecting your specimen.  You don't even have to use your real name.  Do it and know FOR SURE.

tootrusting, Community Member
4/ 2/09 1:35am

You really do have to get blood antibody testing to be sure...visual exams are just not accurate or reliable and you need to find out for sure for yourself and for future partners.  And have tests repeated six months or so down the road (check with your public health nurse or qualified STD clinics in your area)....sometimes antibodies for virus don't show up right away and neither do visible outbreaks.  You can be carrying this virus for years and have absolutely no signs or symptoms. 

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