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Q: Is it true you can have HSV1 in your genitals?

I was told by my doctor that I have HSV 1 but she found it in my genitals. My now ex says there is no way I could have an oral herpes outbreak in my genitals. I am possitive that I can because I do. I dont know where to research to prove to him that it is possible. He has HSV1 but he doesnt have any outbreaks (sores or blisters in his mouth or genitals)that I know of. I just want the conformation from others who are living with that it is real.


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Eileen Bailey, Health Guide
6/ 5/14 7:56pm

Thank you for your question.


I am not a medical professional and cannot give you medical advice.


The answer to your question is "yes" it is possible to spread the HSV1 virus from the mouth to the genital area during oral sex. While HSV2 most commonly causes herpes in the genital area, oral sex with someone with HSV1 can spread it (and vice versa - genital herpes can show up in the mouth through oral sex). 


Just like genital herpes, you do not have to have active symptoms in order to spread the virus. Once you have herpes, it stays in your body for life, although outbreaks tend to lessen and become less severe over time. Some people have the herpes virus and never develop any symptoms. Others have it for years before symptoms show up. 


If you need further information to share with your ex, the Illinois Department of Health discusses how herpes can spread from mouth to vagina and vice versa. 



Happy, Community Member
12/ 2/08 3:41pm

Hello, you are right. I have it too. I was pretty shocked when the doctor told me and then I read about it. It is less common that HSV 1 is on the genitals but it can happen. The upside (or so I've read) is that the symptoms tend to not be as severe (in general) because HSV1 usually originates orally rather than in the genital area. Keep in mind everyone is different though and symptoms are experienced differently by everyone. If you google search "HSV 1 vs. HSV 2" there is a very comprehensive site that explains the differences ( ) . I found it to be very helpful. I, like you, was very confused when I heard the news from my doctor. But trust me, it's possible, and you are not alone. If your ex has HSV1 orally (even without symptoms) he could have transmitted it to your genitalia through oral sex. I'm no expert by any means (i've very new to this too) but I hope that helps.

Wonderinghow, Community Member
12/ 5/08 4:07pm

It's very true. I learned the hard way. The guy i got it from denied it completely, so i took him with me to my doctor and had my doctor explain it to him. His mother even asked me to my face if i had cheated on her son and gotten herpes somewhere else. I lost my virginity to that guy, and he had HSV 1 in his mouth, hell i'd even seen him have cold sores...but we just never did anything when he had cold sores. Get a pamphlet from your doctor or something for him to look at because you are absolutely right.

Pretty Ignorant, Community Member
7/20/09 5:46pm

Here's a confusing scenario that I'm involved in.


So, a girl I was hooking up with got sun burnt on her lips one day. the next night we hooked up, she did not perform oral sex on me however, I may have on her, and the following morning, (stupidly) we had unprotected intercourse... and at that point she had a couple small cold sores on her lips, I'm assuming HSV-1. So, naturally a couple days later i had a cold sore on my lip. and about a week later I see what looks to be like a potential zit on my genitals and it's really freaking me out. I plan on getting tested and I'm praying it's only HSV-1...if anyone who reads this know's what theyre talking about and can provide me with some insight, let me know.




Pretty Ignorant

Wonderinghow, Community Member
7/23/09 3:52pm

HSV-1 and HSV-2 do the same thing to your genitals...from what my doctors have told me and my experience from having been diagnosed with HSV-1 in my genitals almost 4 years ago. I have only had 3 outbreaks total in that time, according to my doctor HSV-1 is just as serious to have in your genitals as HSV-2 it's just slightly less uncomfortable because it is less likely to cause frequent outbreaks. But outbreaks hurt like hell. If it is painful for you to urinate or if the "zit" becomes many "zits" get it checked out soon so that you know whether you made a mistake or got lucky.

JFu, Community Member
4/30/10 12:11am

There is hope,


Life is looking bright, 3 years after being diagnosed with HSV1 on my genitals.

Like all of you, I was very suprised to have contracted it in that area. I can't recall out of the 3 sexual partners I've been with apart from my current boyfriend, which one may have transmitted it to me? I used protection with all of them, but some may have given me oral sex. I saw no signs of cold sores on them either.


Anyway. I've been with my current boyfriend for 2 1/2 years now and things are great. I was honest and told him of my condition, having 2 outbreaks early in my diagnosis. I said I would understand if he didnt want to persue the relationship (even though i'd be heardbroken if he ended it) but he didn't. He loves me and we enjoy a really healthy relationship. We started off having protected sex with a condom, but since then he has been fine with us having unprotected sex. I have not had a severe outbreak in about 2 years, just a small, manageable spot since, that cleared up quite quickly after taking the preventative oral treatment Valtrex for a few days. My boyfriend has been tested for the HSV1 virus twice now, once only 2 weeks ago, and he hasn't contracted it at all from me, dispite having it myself. I just make sure I am not experiencing an outbreak at the time of intercourse.


I have also been told that outbreaks of HSV1 are less severe, and also less contageous. I just think you need to be sensible and look after yourself...If i'm at all feeling run down, tired or sick...I just make sure I start taking preventative medication early and more frequently, and i've found its worked very well since.


Life goes on, Herpes should not cripple your life. If at all its made me a stronger, more sensible person and more aware of STDs. I give good advice to all of my friends now. Its so important to wear a condom with new partners!

Wonderinghow, Community Member
4/30/10 10:34am

It's good to read about someone else who has had a wonderful relationship despite having contracted herpes from a previous partner. I've only been with my current boyfriend for 6 months, but the day we started dating I drove home that night and heard "Move Along" by the All-American Rejects and it made me think that if it were my boyfriend with herpes I'd want to know before it would crush me to feel like I'd been lied to. So i got home and immediately called him, and  I said "Hey because you are interested in pursuing a relationship with me you deserve to know I contracted herpes from my first serious boyfriend." and I was absolutely shocked when he said "So what? I'm a cuddler before anything else anyway and I'm interested in dating you." I was instantly sobbing from the shear weight I felt lifting off of my shoulders when he said that. 


Now I'm honestly like a part of his family. I go to the library and run errands with his mom and nephew. Heck his nephew won't let me leave without a hug and a kiss goodbye. 


Oh you have no idea how good it feels just to know that I didn't get the last good man left in the world. I had really begun to hate myself until I met my boyfriend. I had honestly dropped out of college after a suicide attempt and was in group therapy going to rehab meetings for all the things I'd been doing to numb myself from facing the "dirtyness" i felt every day. I paired up with a member of my group therapy to go to AA meetings with and she had a neighbor who had never had a girl who didn't cheat on him and she introduced Christmas this past year I gave her a card thanking her for being my 'fairy godmother' and 'helping me find my prince charming.' and so far since it's been happily ever after. Life may not be a total fairy tale...but I'll settle for just the fairy tale ending. 


Congratulations on finding love that transcends the stigma and terror that is so commonly associated with herpes. 


Elvishchick84, Community Member
12/21/11 9:06am

I feel like you do. I got HSV-1 from my 2nd boyfriend who I really cared about but found out later he was a jerk and it hurt me a lot to find that out. He didn't give me HSV-1 on purpose. I honestly didn't know you could give someone herpes through oral sex but now I do. The guy I've been with now for 2 months, we've been talking about sex and I felt he had a right to know about it. I told him and he didn't act mean or anything. He just asked me everything about it and I told him what my doctor told me which was unless I have an outbreak its going to be very rare that I could pass it on to him even if he performed oral sex on me which is wonderful. I'm just having trouble with the guilt and shame. I feel like he will look at me differently now someway even though he says he won't.  He's the most wonderful person I have met in a long time and I don't want to loose him. He told me God put him in my life for a reason whether it be to fall in love with me or help me and support me through this tough time. Its Christmas time and its the first year without my grandmother and being diagnosed 2 months ago and its hard this year around the holidays. I'm filled with shame and will feel ashamed when I see my boyfriend again. I had HPV 7 years ago. My doctor said that my body had pushed out the virus and its completely gone and she had me get the Gardasil shots and told me that it would only be 50% effective since I had already had HPV. I've never had cold sores ever. I now know that you can get herpes from going down on someone who has cold sores. I've been very informed about everything and my boyfriend loves me, its just a lot for him to take it at one time and I understand he may need time to deal with everything. I'll wait on him because he is worth it and he told me that I was worth it and he won't stay away because he loves me and wants to have a relationship with me and I broke down crying when he told me that. It made me feel so much better. I hope next year some of the pressure I feel and hurt and shame will go away and I'll gradually come to terms with it.

snapitsem, Community Member
5/29/13 10:50pm

I know how you feel. I just found out I had hsv1 like two montha ago after my boyfriend and I broke up. I hooked up with the guy i lost it to. A few days later I got bumps down there went to tbe doctors and found out i had a bladder and bacterial infection and waa told to come back if it didnt clear up which it didnt took a blood test and guess what I had. I feel pretty ashamed of myself and feel like damaged goods half the time. 

TW, Community Member
8/ 5/13 10:16am

Hi, I just found out I had HSV-1 in my genitals and my boyfriend and I were wondering if it could be passed on without outbreaks .. Can you explain me what your doctor told you?

Mmo662, Community Member
12/ 8/11 5:48pm

Thank you so much for this wonderful post. I have genital HSV-1 which I got from a partner with a cold sore. It's been very hard on me emotionally as I'm single and looking for someone serious. Your post made me feel much better.


I'm wondering when did you tell your new partner you had type 1 genitally? Before you had UNprotected sex together? I would certainly tell a future partner before we had unprotected sex, but I've been very concerned about scaring away potential future partners by telling them about my genital type 1 too soon, esp since outbreaks are so rare. If I don't have outbreaks, always use condoms, am on Valtrex and we don't have oral sex, is it ok for me to wait until I'm sure someone wants to have a serious relationship with me before disclosing this? So many people have hsv-1 orally and don't ever disclose it so I'm confused when to disclose if I have it genitally.




Elvishchick84, Community Member
12/21/11 9:10am

I have the same thing you do and my doctor told me that unless I have an outbreak my boyfriend can go down on me and have sex with me without catching it. She said it was a very rare possibility he would catch it because she told me that HSV-1 of the genitals is very rare to pass on to someone even with an outbreak. Which makes me feel better and my boyfriend feel better to know what the statistics are. We both love each other and he is aware of my status.

Person, Community Member
1/ 7/13 5:52am

Just to let you know, I always disclose that I have HSV1 on my genitals before I have sexual intercourse with anyone, even if we use condoms and I am taking Valtrex. Make sure that you have all of the necessary information so that you can provide it to your partner. I have had it for 7 years now. I have never given it to anyone, and I am a sexually active person. If someone likes you, he or she will take the risk. The risk is minimal if percautions are taken, but don't ommit the information, because it could hurt your relationship in the long run. If she or he has a problem with it, then he or she is not meant to be. I will usually disclose the information before oral sex, but I will kiss and do other stuff before I say anything. I usually let someone get to know me before I tell him, and I don't talk about it in the heat of the moment. First of all, it can get awkward, and he may not be able to make a clear headed choice due to being sexually excited. Hope this helps.

TW, Community Member
8/ 5/13 10:12am

can I ask you whats the preventative medication you take? I just discovered I had HSV-1 in my genitals as well and its pretty confusing.. 


Important new, Community Member
2/ 4/14 12:53pm

IMPORTANT FOR ALL:  I found out I had HSV 1 on my genitals about 4 months ago, as the rest of you now, Its shocking, scary and I felt discusting. I am greatful I only had one outbreak. It hurt like hell but Valtrex SAVED MY LIFE. Last week I went in for blood work to be tested for EVERYTHING under the sun. This week I went in for a well womens check up and results. During my visit I asked for preventative medicine.  My OBGYN told me I dont need preventative medicine because HSV1 on the genitals eventually goes away. Its HSV 2 that is permenant. My labs also showed negative for HSV :) great news. Anyone who has been diagnosed with hsv on genitals and hasnt had an outbreak for a few months go get re tested. I was so happy I cried.  

Concerned, Community Member
5/24/14 7:03pm

Hi there, I had an outbreak 2 weeks ago. I am married to one partner ever since 25 years ago and was confused to be diagnosed with HSV-1. my blood test was negative but culture was positive. we are both strong committed christians so i know it is not coming from outside relationships. Unlike most of the posts, I don't know where I got it from - i have not seen my husband having cold sores eversince. I am thinking I might have gotten it from my workplace. My old boss for some reasons would share a drink with me and I think I've seen her have one on her lip at one point but because I am too ignorant about the seriousness of coldsores before(i think they should rename it to HSV for awareness), it did not bother me. I just wasn't sure if you could get it from shared utensils, cups etc even if the person who has it does not have the outbreak.


I would be actively educating people that I know about this because i think it matters.

Anony2412, Community Member
6/ 3/14 3:49am
I was just recently diagnosed, I was wondering if this is still accurate? No other outbreaks? Still testing negative? I've felt somewhat hopeless as I've only known for about a week or so. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Not trying to pry or anything but this sounds very hopeful! Reply
shocked, Community Member
10/31/13 4:50am

thank you for your positive comment

Person, Community Member
1/ 7/13 5:44am

If you have HSV1 on your genitals it is likely that it would be quite painful and there would be more than one herpe on your first outbreak. Of course, this depends on your immune system. Most of the pictures that I see online do not accurately depict people with normal immune systems with HSV1 on their genitals. The only way to find out for sure, is to have a test on the site of origin (i.e. the physician will put saliene on the infected area and take a culture). I have HSV1 on my genials that I likely obtained from an ex who had oral HSV1. He did not have an outbreak at the time, but likely infected me. When I have a sore, it does not look like a pimple. It looks like a pin prick, and it is small. It looks like a small piece of skin is removed and it is sore. It really hurts. So, you may just have a pimple. Get it checked out ASAP, before it goes away. Otherwise, you will never know. Hope this helps.

Moonlily9, Community Member
11/ 6/13 11:20am
Oh wow, so that's what that is! I was diagnosed with HSV-1 genitally just over a year ago and I have had a sore like you're describing twice now. I thought it was just a blister from friction or too-tight clothes. Thank you! My doctors have all said that I probably will never get another outbreak again after my initial outbreak but I feel like I have had several small ones in the past year- ranging froma single pimple-like blister to a very painful cut like you were describing. And now I have a couple of small painful clusters that just appeared! (I'm on vacation and my new gyno said that sunlight can trigger them??) Has anyone else experienced this situation? Does it get better over time? I feel like I just shouldn't have that many outbreaks with type 1. Also I am touched with how many of you went through emotional turmoil after being diagnosed. It was a very dark, hard 6 months after for me as well. Glad to see I'm not alone. Reply
leanne, Community Member
8/22/12 2:52pm

I don't know if i have herpes or not. i have a sore on my vagina and ive never had one before. It doesnt hurt all that bad but its red and very bright and the other half is like two white blisters. I have been with two people and i had a baby last year and havent been with anyone since i have had my son. i dont know what it is that i have? my son just had a herpetic virus and had sores in his mouth so idk if he got it from me? he eats after me and i kiss him. I thought he was teething so i would use my finger to rub orajel on his teeth and i wouldnt wash my hands after so maybe i wiped or something and gave it to mysef? is there anything else i could be? 

FYI person, Community Member
10/16/12 2:01pm

It could possibly be this:

I was in my late 20's and discovered small white/pink water blisters around my genital area and bikini line.  I was freaked out and went to my doctor.  They treated the blisters with Liquid Nitrogen = freezing (like they use for warts).  The doctor told me it was probably Gingivostomatitis and children get it a lot e.g. from swimming pools and sharing towels.  The blisters scabed over and went away. Maybe check that option out.  However, today, (I'm now in my early 30's) I have a small noticable bump/maybe a blister right outside of my clit. It isn't really painfull at all just uncomfortable, as I can feel something there.  I only noticed it yesterday and am going to the clinic today to get tested.  I hope that it is nothing but will be using protection and or not having sex until this is cleared up. I have not been diagnosed with Herpies 1 or 2 in the past and have been tested since the first sign of possible herpies.

leanne, Community Member
8/22/12 2:54pm

and i did use to get cold sores when i was younger up til about a year ago they stopped coming so i know i already have HSV 1 orally. I dont have a doctor to go to and our health dept doesnt do herpes testing so idk what to do. i dont think there is anyway for me to have HSV 2. I guess herpes is not always an STD? 

Younglife, Community Member
9/ 1/12 6:23pm

I went to the hospital becuause I was having pains in my vagina area. It was swollen shut, and there were sores around it. HSV1 runs in my boyfriends family, in his blood. When the doctor gave me my results, my boyfriend had accused me of cheating. Then my doctor explained to my boyfriend that he had transmitted it orally to me. She explained it like chicken pox. She said most people have delt with hsv1 as a child, and so the virus will not affect them in this way. On the other hand, I have never had a cold sore or any exposure to them growing up. This affected me negativly, and I ended up with hsv1. My doctor prescribed me valtrax and this all happened last week. But it has all cleared up so far. Just, from now on with any future partners, the only bad thing is you have to explain the fact that you have hsv1, because you can spread it.

noodles, Community Member
10/28/12 8:31am

ok so i may be in the wrong post.....i have had hsv1 my entire life my great great granmother had it and oddly enough from  my grandmother to my mother we all got our first out break (on our mouths) at 7 and theyre in the exact same place? my grandparents were together 48 years and my grandpa never had a cold sore my mother was with her husband for 16 years he never got a cold sore.....but back to the issue at i have a small i guess its a wart but it looks like a patch of rough skin.....odd thing is that it hasnt gotten sore or opened in the 6 weeks its been there? now i wonder in your experience with hsv1 one on your genetals is it smaller or less severe i mean i can read medical reports all day but i wanna hear from experiance and also i have been with the same woman on and off for 14 years im gonna go get checked out to see whats it is she knows about it ....shes all about oral sex im afraid that im gonna give her warts on her vagina so should i just not have oral sex with her and mainly what if any are the dif between genital hsv1 and hsv2?

baby love, Community Member
11/ 1/12 11:55pm

yes, it is true you can have hsv 1 on your genitals. i am a proven fact as well as you. when i was 14 yrs old my boyfriend @ the time had a cold sore on his lip. me being so young and him being the person i lost my virginity to i  allowed him to go down on me i didnt think it would be highly  contagious but the next morning i was in alot of pain and discomfort. when i looked @ myself down there with a mirror i was crying cuz i had at least 9 blisters. it was the scariest and most painfullest feeling i have ever had besides giving birth. my mother rushed me to my doctor, she took a look @ my vagina and said wow honey im sorry to say but what you have is def herpes. my doctor said i am going to take a swab of the fluid that is in the sore and i am going to check if it is hsv 1, which is caused by a cold sore or if its hsv 2 which is the evil kind of herpes to have. the next day i recieved a call from my doctor she said honey do you want the bad new or the good news first? i said the bad news, then she said okay here it goes the bad news is, it is herpes the good news is that its herpes type 1. she said your lucky you have hsv 1 instead of hsv 2. she said you will probably only break a few times in your life time.  i am now 27 meaning i had the hsv 1 virus in me for 13 yrs. i have only broken out 4 times since i was 14yrs old.  

Diane.Bewley, Community Member
12/10/12 1:59am

I too have HSV1 on my genital area. I contracted mine about 20 years ago and whenever I DO have an outbreak (which isn't very often) they follow the same nerve path, always on the left side of my genital area and its usually just one blister at a time. If your doctor took a sample of the first outbreak and sent it off for pathology then yes he CAN confirm whether you have HSV1 or HSV2 type infection. It is more common for HSV1 to appear on the genital area then for HSV2 to appear on the lips or around the mouth area.

"People don't understand that you can have type 1 genitally or orally, that the two types are essentially the same virus,' says Marshall Clover, manager of the National Herpes Hotline." One type is associated with stigma, the other is "'just a cold sore"- our society has a euphemism for it so we don't even have to acknowledge that it's herpes.'' here is a site that has loads of useful info. Good luck hon................

sky lover, Community Member
12/13/12 9:42pm

Living with Herpes is really hard,? especially when you are a single. According to a report from the largest Herpes singles dating site herpesdateonlinecom, 98% of its members who used to be on a general dating site to find the love and support were rejected by others. That could be the reason that why herpesdateonlinecom is so popular and now has more than 600,000 members.

Person, Community Member
1/ 7/13 5:59am

I have very rarely come across someone who did not want to date or have sex with me because of HSV1 on my genitals. Just saying.

nw0983, Community Member
6/27/13 11:12am

Well, apparently I have hsv1, the only reason I know is because my husband went to prison for 3yrs and while he was gone I cheated on him. When he got out we git back together and obviously had sex (un protected). A ciuple of weeks later he had an outbreak and was diagnosed with genital hsv1. So I was tested and too have ut genitally. But ive honestlynever had not one coldsore in my life and ive also NEVER had a genital outbreak either, but apparent you can be a carrier had not have aby symptoms. Its also possible ive had it for years and he just never contracted ut til now.

VR1989SSU, Community Member
10/15/13 12:28pm
Hello all! My fiancé and I have just been diagnosed with HSV-1 (3 months ago). He has it orally and gave it to genitally (got busy one too many times huh ;) ) haha. I wasn't always so light about the situation, but a time came when I realized that having this disease won't stop me from living a healthy and loving lifestyle with my fiancé. At first I was a complete mess, literally crying every minute of the day! I would cry on my way to work, at work, at home, and even in my sleep. It was the worst thing that I had ever gone through and I was utterly heartbroken. My fiancé had no idea that he has oral HSV-1 and although I wanted to blame my man I just couldn't. I took my part in responsibility that I had in the situation. We should have gotten tested before we started having sex!! I was at fault just as much as he was. My fiancé and I are completely in love and to be married in 5 months and although it scars the crap out of me (my HSV-1) I know that it's not a crutch that will prevent me from living my life to the fullest. Some advice for those of you who have just been diagnosed would be to stay strong and know that everything will be alright! Take care of yourself physically and mentally. Always visit your doctor for check-ups, and try not to stress yourself out. Also, have your suppressants in handy, and pay attention to signs that your body gives you. When you think you're about to start having an outbreak take your meds ASAP! Take care and thank you for reading. -V Reply
Person person person, Community Member
12/10/13 2:14pm
After many months of researching and yet toy tested my doctor and I came to the conclusion that I have HSV1 on my genital.. At first I was devastated but then I realized how not severe the outbreaks are.. They NEVER hurt I mean even the first one I was never in pain it only itched like crazy and I don't have bumps I have tears of skin like open skin.. Pin prick what looks like a paper cut.. These things disappear in a week and never stop me from doing any daily activity. My partner knows that I have this I don't know when I contracted it... I have only had oral sex with Only 2 people.. But I'll say that this hasn't ruined my life or changed it at all, ive had 2 outbreaks since whenever I got this and 1 after being diagnosed. I will say though even if you have HSV2 please do not let it ruin your life there are far worse things you can have.. Be lucky you walked away with a skin condition and not something that will kill you. My partner and I have a very healthy relationship, I start college in the fall for nursing and my life is amazing even with this skin condition.. It happens, :) so good luck to you all.. Best wishes to you. And happy holidays :) Reply
Young_n__Scared01, Community Member
12/15/13 7:01pm

i was so scared when i first found out i had herpes on my genital area when im only 20 years old i have a son i just felt like im just starting life the person whom gave it to me didnt have any sores or anything and than my doctor said he gave it to my orally made me even more scared than before i read most of the post n i feel hopeful but it hurts and the medication (ACYCLOVIR) my doctors have me on isnt help its the third time it came back im tired of this and dont know what to do help!!!!!!!

concernedbf, Community Member
4/17/14 11:16am

I have hsv1 on my genitals. I was initially diagnosed 2 years ago with a somewhat confusing diagnosis.  I haven't had an outbreak since.  I have been with my now gf for about a year and I was honest with her in the beginning and we've been having protected sex. Well just 3 days ago we decided to have unprotected sex. She went into the doctor today and they said it looks like she may have hsv1 now.  The "sores" are 4 horizontal lines that run Parallel to each other. Almost like if you were to cut yourself with a razor.  I guess I'm wondering if anybody has any insight on if the sores can manifest in that way. I've had unprotected sex with partners before her and not given anybody hsv1. She's really scared right now as we all were and just some answers would be appreciated.  Thankyou

klxo, Community Member
7/17/14 9:43pm

Hello, I also have HSV-1 on my genitals.  I believe I got from an ex who had cold sores when at one point he went down on me, he was a great guy, we were in love and it just happened.  You can find out if you have HSV-1 or HSV-2 through a blood test.  If you have HSV-1 on your genitals your breakouts are less likely to appear.  The mouth is HSV-1's home so, therefore after your first breakout, it should happen less and less.  Just read the comment from the girl who got this when she was 14, now 27 and only 4 breakouts in her life.  I break out on average once every three years and it is usually caused by being sick and stressed at the same time.  I have had unprotected sex with men who I have been in relationships with and they have not got HSV-1, yes you can still pass it, however it is harder for a woman to pass to a man unless he has a cut on his penis and you have a sore.  I also take L-lysine here and there to prevent any sores.  It is said to help prevent cold sores (HSV-1) and that's what I have not HSV-2.  I also try to keep my immune system up.  When I do breakout, which I like I said is very little, I only get one sore.  I have also used Abreva on a sore, it is said not to use on a sore on the genitals but it did help heal within a couple of days, it's not like I'm putting it up inside me.  Yes it sucks but it also sucks for people who have it on their mouths for everyone to see.  Just be aware, safe, and keep yourself healthy and you should experience a sore less and less throughout your life.

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