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Thursday, February 05, 2009 keljo, Community Member, asks

Q: Causes of false positive herpes test result?

Are there medical conditions/diseases that can cause a false positive test result?

I have an autoimmune condition and small fiber neuropathy.  I have never had a positive viral culture but have had a positive hsv-2 blood test. 



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t, Community Member
2/18/09 1:32am

usually once your postive your positive. I would retest again in a few months. If it turns up postive again then im sorry hun but your positive.

cwd1731, Community Member
6/ 2/09 1:07pm

Sorry, but your wrong. If you get a blood's not accurate. 30% can have false negatives. 30% percent can also have false positives. To get a accurate result you have to get a swab test during an outbreak

TigerLilly, Community Member
4/19/10 6:55pm

Are you sure of that?  Can there really be false positive herpes test?  I have never had any outbreaks or signs, was tested for it (blood test) and they said it was positive.  So, I've been on acyclovir for 2 years and thinking maybe they were wrong. Could they have been?

Bananas, Community Member
10/21/10 1:31pm

I too have never had an outbreak or sore...ever...I came up positive also. But since I never had an outbreak or a sore my Dr. has never prescribed me any medicine. And two years later, still no outbreak. I had 8 blood transfusions years ago and this was my cause. Have been married for 11 years and my husband has always tested negative. I too have neuropathy and Trigeminal Neuropathy and my Dr. thinks it might stem from that. But no one truly knows the answer yet. But one day they will like always.

faith, Community Member
4/11/09 12:16am

I also have various autoimmune disorders, and I reached this site looking for illnesses that could cause a false positive herpes blood result. I know I have never had a break out, sores I have had have been cultured and come back negative for herpes. I now know that I have discoid Lupus amongst other things, so could this be an early detection that no one knows about yet?

I've also had a couple of false positive lyme tests, and I have had at least 10 of them since all this started a couple of years ago.

I wish there were more answers out there for people like us.

What can cause a false positive herpes and a false positive lyme?

does any one have an idea?

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