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Beth, Community Member
4/ 1/09 10:39am

Yes.  I am under treatment right now for this diagnosis.  I had extreme itching on my vulva, primarily around my clitoris.  It was so severe that I would wake up at night itching and finally resorted to using a steroid cream to keep it at bay.  Thought it was a yeast infection, so I tried two courses of other the counter creams.  Went to my doctor (GP), who did an exam and a microscopic wet prep and still diagnosed it as a yeast infection.  So took two more courses of diflucan, which is an oral medication for a yeast infection.  After 7 weeks, I went to my gynecologist who immediately looked at the external area and told me it was the equivalent of "female jock itch".  She observed the swollen area and grey discoloration.  She prescribed an antifungal cream to apply externally, Clotrimazole and Betamethasone.  The relief from the cream was immediate, although there is still some occasional itching.  But a renewed application takes care of it.  The bad news is it can take up to 12 weeks to treat a fungal infection of the skin.  Had my first doctor diagnosed it correctly, I'd be almost done.  Oh well, at least it is treatable!


In retrospect, I think I have had the infection for years, but without the itching.  I had told a prior physician that I thought things "looked different down there".  Things were a bit swollen and looked more grey than the pink I was used to.  She said that she believed me, but that everything appeared normal from her perspective.  I think it was a latent type of thing that did not start the full blown infection and itching until I was either really stressed or the conditions were just right.  I'll know better once my treatment is done if things return to the more "pink state" that I was familiar with.  

rtw, Community Member
1/15/10 2:51pm

I, too, was just diagnosed with female jock itch.  I had extreme itching right near the clitoris, very similar to what a yeast infection feels like, but without any of the normal discharge that accompanies a yeast infection.  The mucous membrane was peeling.


I went to an urgent care and the MD did a wet prep and everything came back normal.  He put me on Flagil, which I decided not to take.  Why be on an antibiotic if there was no indication of bacterial vaginosis?  I went another 2 weeks with a red, swollen genital area.  It began to look flaky and completely abnormal.  I went to my general practioner and he took one look and told me what it was.  He said that it will take about 3 weeks to clear up completely.  I'm currently on Lamisil Defense.

gina, Community Member
11/22/10 2:16pm

I had the same thing except the itching was on the outside of the lips where the hair is. I used over the counter creams and even thought it might be a yeast infection,but everything i used didnt work. After persistant itching and scratching I finally went to the doctor. The gynocologist didnt know what it was. I went to urgent care and like you they perscribed me clotrimazole betamethasone dipropionate cream. Instant relief! I found a website the other day where you can order the cream online. Its called Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy and i am waiting for it to arrive as I write this. I am down to l the last drop in the tube the dr. prescribed me and in a panic in case the horrible itching comes back again.I dont have insurance so when i found that i could order the cream online I was verry happy. Hopefully I get Hopefully this information will help others in the same situation. Good luck!

candace, Community Member
1/10/11 9:32am

Hi Gina,


I was wondering if your medicine came and is the Canadian Pharmacy, legitimate? I went to the Dr. about 2 years ago for this and I was so relieved to finally get a real diagnosis but w/o insurance getting more of the cream that helps has been difficult. Please let me know.



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