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Saturday, December 05, 2009 ZoeBlue, Community Member, asks

Q: Severe Itching But No Sores

I've had unbearable, intense itching and irritation and my blood results came back positive for Herpes 1 and 2.  The itching has been going on for about 10 days, but I've had no actual outbreak.  My gynecologist told me she doesn't think the itching without sores is typical of herpes and that the blood results are often inaccurate so she took a swab of an area she said looks a bit red and irritated.  She said really, everything looks normal for the most part and this may be something else.  I want to believe her; unfortunately yeast infection meds did not clear this up and I have had unprotected sex recently so I'm not feeling very confident.  In the meantime, I'm miserable with discomfort.  Any ideas about what could be going on or how long the itch will last even if I never end up with a full outbreak?  I feel like this will never end and I'm miserable.  I'm taking Zovirax and Valtrex while we wait for the culture results and the Valtrex is causing me uncomfortable side effects and so far, no noticeable relief.  Thank You

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K, Community Member
12/ 7/09 3:02am

I wanted to ask you what kind of meds did your doctor give you for the yeast infection. Was it pink? Oh and be careful with Valtrex. I was having all the side affects, and I ended up not being able to breath, I became extremely depressed, I felt a lot of pressure on my chest, and well you know the rest I'm sure. So they had to take me off those pills and gave me something a little less strong. You should request that, because Valtrex is horrible. Believe me I thought those pills were going to make me end up in the hospital.

ZoeBlue, Community Member
12/18/09 8:42pm

Thank you for your reply.  I was given 2 rounds of Diflucan, which did not help because I have now determined that I definitely have genital herpes.  I'm SO sorry that happened to you because as it turns out, I ended up getting blisters but because I was on Valtrex they never opened up.  So I have experienced very uncomfortable soreness, swelling, itching that seems neverending but I've so far been spared the pain of open sores.   Valtrex made me a little heart-racey and edgy the first few days but now I feel my body has adjusted to it.  I am sorry to hear that some people cannot tolerate it because it really has made this outbreak so much less traumatic than I believe it may have been.  I hope that whatever you are now taking is helping with the symptoms.

nobody, Community Member
10/ 8/13 3:03am

Ok there is a natural remedy for this problem you can try. Super Lysine + I think you can get it off of vitacost. That is a supplement you should take by mouth and follow the insturctons. You might also want to get L-Lysine from Finest Nutrition. It's a chalkey tablet, and it's not really the best supplemtnt, but if you crush it and put it on the area, you might find some relief for the situation. You can also take a bath with baking soda, or put baking soda in the affected area. Another thing you can try but it's a little out there is honey applied to the affected area. I hope this helps you and other people out. 

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