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Tuesday, March 03, 2009 booboo1, Community Member, asks

Q: my boyfriend is showing a negative on a herpes test but i just tested postive does he have this?

I've been with my boyfriend now for 2 months and the guy i dated before him was 2 1/2 years.I was tested twice and negative both times before I got with my new boyfriend.I've been tested once since I've been with my new boyfriend and the test came back negative after only having sex twice.well the last time we had sex I started to have my first outbreak within a few days.I've had my ex tested again to make sure he didn't give me something but he was negative.I haven't  been with my ex since aug. of last year. my new boyfriend on the other hand told me he tested I don't understand how they both are negative and they are the only people i've been with.I would think that the last person i had sex with would have it.could he just not be showing a positive result.i no i didn't give this to doctor said that he has to have this cause i got it from somone.i've had unprotected sex with him and i had my outbreak the next day.

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t, Community Member
3/ 3/09 3:00pm

Well hun i think its your new bf that gave herpes to u. I dont even think he knows hes positive yet. Or one of the guys are lying & one of them is positive & blaming it on the other guy. Did u show positive on the blood work or the swab test?If u tested positive on the swab test & your new bf tested negative on the blood work i guarantee you that its your new bf that gave it to u. If your testing positive on the blood test & your old bf claims to test negative then i gurantee to you that your old bf is lying.


See it takes from a month to 6 months to show antibodies on a blood test. If u test positive on a swab test its still possible that the swab test be wrong to.


If u have any questions please feel free to ask me im here.

cat2881, Community Member
3/ 5/09 11:36am

I have the same problem. I am married. I have been sleeping w/someone for just over 2 years. I was with him & then I had an outbreak 5 days later. I got tested (swab & blood) both positive. I told the person I was sleeping with. He got tested & he was negative. My husband has never cheated (I know for a fact). My husband caught it from me. How is it that I am positive & have only slept with my husband & the other man. I have never been with anyone else. How does he come out negative & I am positive. I didn't give it to myself either!! I feel your pain.

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