Herpes - Questions and Answers

Medical experts from Harvard University answer common questions about genital herpes.

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  • QUESTION: Herpes False Positive
    What are the chances of having a false positive genital herpes test?
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  • QUESTION: OTC Herpes Medication
    Is there an over-the-counter medication for herpes?
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  • QUESTION: L-Lysine and Genital Herpes
    What can you tell me about L-lysine supplements for genital herpes?
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  • QUESTION: Cold Sores vs. Impetigo
    My daughter has sores on her mouth. How can I tell the difference between cold sores and impetigo?
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  • QUESTION: Mouth Sores
    I have recurring sores in my mouth, most generally on the sides of my tongue, and the tip of my tongue gets very tender and sore. Do I have a vitamin deficiency? What else could be the cause of this?
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