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Vaginal Pain or Discomfort

You will need to see your doctor for evaluation of your discomfort.

Since you have pain when you are walking or standing, it is possible that your pain is coming from a shift in position of your uterus. If the uterus is not fully supported by the ligaments and muscles that hold it in its usual position in the pelvis, the uterus can "slump" downwards into the vagina. This problem is named uterine prolapse and it may cause more exaggerated symptoms of pain or a heavy sensation in the vagina when you are upright. Uterine prolapse is particularly common after childbirth, and it can develop over many years. The pain that is associated with uterine prolapse is often described as "heavy," "aching," or "pulling."

Pain with walking or standing can also come from muscles and bones or joints that are weight-bearing. Pain in the hip can radiate to the groin and vagina. Pain from the hip will be worse with any motion of the hip joint. It will also be worse when you are standing because the hip is carrying your weight.

Hip pain can happen with a hip fracture, arthritis, bursitis, and other problems.

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