HealthCare '08

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Tuesday, August, 22, 2017
Healthcare Reform: Deregulate insurers and provide tax breaks to consumers
"I'm not going to mandate that every American have health insurance. I'm not going to mandate that every American have a home. I'm not going mandate that every American have a college education. But I'm going to make them all affordable and available." Rx: Shift federal tax breaks from employers who provide insurance to individuals who buy it. Promote market competition by providing consumers with price and quality information, allowing consumers to join group or association plans and deregulating insurers. See PoliGraph for this issue >
The Uninsured: Freedom of choice more important than covering uninsured
McCain has no plan to cover all the uninsured. He recommends tax subsidies to help people buy insurance and encourages people to purchase coverage in groups (including across state lines) to spread out risk. He doesn't plan to eliminate or cut public insurance programs such as Medicaid. See PoliGraph for this issue >
Drug Prices: Allow the government to participate in free market
McCain supports allowing the federal government to negotiate with drug companies for Medicare drug prices. He also supports allowing Americans to legally purchase medicines from Canada and other industrialized nations where prescriptions can often be half the price. He also supports making generic drugs widely available. See PoliGraph for this issue >
Prevention: Personal responsibility key to controlling chronic disease
McCain recommends teaching children about nutrition and fitness, encouraging individuals to prevent chronic illness and deterring smoking. But he doesn't detail how he will pay for the measures or whether they will be public or private initiatives. See PoliGraph for this issue >
Technology: No proposal yet
McCain supports deployment of health information technology, but he has not issued specific plans related to the issue. See PoliGraph for this issue >
Stem Cells: All federal research funding, with exceptions
McCain supports research using human embryos left over from fertility treatments. He opposes human embryo cloning to harvest stem cells. He supports federal funding for stem cell research, embryonic or otherwise. See PoliGraph for this issue >
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