HealthCare '08

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Tuesday, August, 22, 2017
Healthcare Reform: Expand public programs and allow citizens to buy in
"I...believe that every American has the right to affordable health care." Rx: Ensure coverage for all children through private or public plans. Employers who don't offer health benefits must contribute to the cost of a new National Health Insurance Exchange, a marketplace in which people who don't have employer insurance or public coverage shop for plans. Expand public programs for low-income people. Impose limits on private sector health care business profits. See PoliGraph for this issue >
The Uninsured: Cover children first through expanded public programs
Obama would expand SCHIP programs to insure all children, then create a public health insurance plan for Americans with incomes above the Medicaid cut-off line but who are unable to get insurance through their employers. All employers would be required to contribute toward health coverage for their employees or to the new public plan. See PoliGraph for this issue >
Drug Prices: Allow imports, government price negotiation, generics
Obama's drug price plan focuses primarily on seniors. He proposes allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices, importing cheaper drugs from other industrialized nations, and increasing the use and availability of generics. He also wants to close the coverage gap (the "doughnut hole") in the Medicare Part D drug plan See PoliGraph for this issue >
Prevention: Curb illness with shared private and public efforts
Obama advocates managing chronic illnesses with public and private partnerships, grants to organizations promoting healthy lifestyles, improved school menus and expanded workplace wellness programs. He would require all providers participating in his new public coverage plan to provide chronic disease management programs. See PoliGraph for this issue >
Technology: Phase in mandatory adoption of electronic medical records
He'll spend $10 billion over five years to create a "standards-based" electronic information system. After that time, all providers will be required to use electronic records and Obama will use federal funds to help make it happen. He will ensure that privacy is protected, as most candidates claim. See PoliGraph for this issue >
Stem Cells: Use federal funds to support embryonic research
Obama said using stem cells from adult cells and umbilical cord blood in research is no substitute for using embryonic stem cells. He co-sponsored the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007, which did not become law. Obama reportedly supports therapeutic cloning. See PoliGraph for this issue >
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