Walk to Work to Ward Off Heart Disease

Deanne Stein Health Guide
  • If you haven’t started an exercise regime, spring time is the perfect time.  The weather is ideal to get out there and walk.  Now that my pregnancy sickness is wearing off (for the most part, still have some bad days), I’m getting outside and walking my dogs through the neighborhood.  The sunshine also helps pep me up from my 12-week funk.  Now, in West Virginia and the nation, everyone is given at least one day to walk, especially if you’re on the job.


    The American Heart Association kicked off its Start! campaign by declaring Wednesday, April 25th as “Start! Walking at Work Day.”  This day gives people an excuse to wear their sneakers to work.  Then at , they are encouraged to get up from their cubicles and offices and start walking.

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    “The idea of is actually a clever play on numbers,” said Judi Nuckolls, Senior Director of the American Heart Association in West Virginia.  “It’s ‘two for one,’ as we have studies from Harvard that show for every one hour of exercise you do, you gain two hours of life expectancy, so it’s a two-for-one deal that can’t be beat!”


    West Virginia leads the nation in cardiovascular disease and stroke, which claim the lives of over 6,000 West Virginians each year.  According to the American Heart Association, walking just 30 minutes a day for four days a week can help you drop weight, lower your cholesterol and steady your blood pressure in as little as eight weeks.


    It’s a long-term commitment to fight the major causes of heart disease and stroke in American adults, all through diet and exercise.




Published On: June 12, 2007