Allergy Medications and Pregnancy

Deanne Stein Health Guide
  • Since I got pregnant, my body has done one somersault after another.  I’m only four months along, but have experienced more nausea than I think is humanly possible.  Now that the nausea is tapering off, I have indigestion, constipation, insomnia or my new favorite sharp back pains.  My doctor also told me to expect a lot of swelling.  So far, I’ve noticed it in my stomach, of course, and sometimes my feet.  But the worst swelling has been in my nasal passages.  I feel like I have a cold or allergies.  It’s worst at night when I’m trying to sleep.


    When I was on Coumadin about the only over-the-counter medication I could take was Benadryl.  I couldn’t take decongestants because they can constrict the blood vessels, which is not good for someone like me who is prone to blood clots.  Getting off the Coumadin and taking Lovenox changed that, but not for long.  Since Lovenox is injected under the skin and then absorbed into the blood stream, oral medications won’t affect its ability to thin my blood.  What’s also nice is the fact that I don’t have to watch my Vitamin K intake.  I can eat all the salads I want.

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    But now that I’m pregnant, I have to watch what I take for the safety of my baby.  I can still eat salads, but when it comes to medications, I really have to be careful.  Since I’m congested all the time, my OB told me to go back to only Benadryl or Claritin.  I have to avoid decongestants altogether while pregnant.  My mom suggested I use breathing strips.  Those are the sticky band-aid looking things people tape onto their noses to stop snoring.  My mom using them and loves them.  I’m not snoring, but when I put one on it was like magic.  My nose just opened up and I could breath.  If they didn’t look so silly, I would wear them all day.  The best part is they won’t hurt my baby. 


Published On: June 26, 2007